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cover image - Veterinary Anaesthesia,11th Edition
ISBN: 9780702027932
Page Count: 712
Imprint: Saunders Ltd.
List Price: $117.00

Veterinary Anaesthesia, 11th Edition

by Kathy W. Clarke, MA, VetMB, DVA, DVetMed, MRCVS and Cynthia M. Trim, BVSc, MRCVS, DVA, DACVA, DECVA,


cover image - Veterinary Anaesthesia,11th Edition
ISBN: 9780702027932
Page Count: 712
Imprint: Saunders Ltd.
List Price: $117.00
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An acknowledged classic in its field, Veterinary Anaesthesia 11th edition has undergone a thorough revision to bring you the latest information in a more accessible format than ever before. The book meets the needs of several groups. For students, it provides basic concepts and ‘how to’ advice on anaesthetizing animals. For veterinarians in practice or those working with laboratory animals it’s an excellent reference that draws on both the considerable experience of the authors and on published scientific data. Those wishing to specialize in veterinary anaesthesia will find it a stimulating introduction to the subject. This revision has been expanded to incorporate evidence-based information, additional chapters on advances in analgesia, anaesthesia of small mammals, fish and wildlife, and updated information on cardiopulmonary cerebral resuscitation (CPCR).

The wide range of species covered and the clear descriptions of basic principles, techniques and equipment, coupled with an extensive literature review, make Veterinary Anaesthesia 11th edition your essential companion whether in classroom or in clinic. 'The before, during, after, how and why of every anaesthesia is clearly explained in this thorough "anaesthesia" bible ... No doubt this will be a reference throughout your professional career, whatever path you follow'. Reviewed by: Fabienne Dethioux , Tomorrow's Vets Date: December 2014

"The layout is attractive and easy to use, and the book covers both general principles and practical advice. It should be on the shelves of every veterinary practice and in every student’s library." Reviewed by: Polly Taylor. Date: July 2014

    • all large and small animal species covered in one book: includes new advances in anaesthesia in horses, birds, lab animals and wild animals
    • glossary of USA and UK drug names: up-dated coverage of all new anaesthetic agents in Europe and the USA
    • first section covers principles of drug action, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

    • the only book to discuss anaesthesia of individual species in detail: lot of info on anaesthesia of goats, sheep and other herbivores such as camels and llamas

    • also covers analgesia in all species
    • chapter on special cases such as anaesthesia in obstetrics
    • chapter on anaesthetic accidents and crises !
      • Presents a range of new chapters from contributors of international repute.
      • The evidence base has been expanded and, wherever possible, information is supported by a review of the literature.
      • Now in colour throughout, the all-new design includes check-list boxes to facilitate understanding/troubleshooting and increase safety.
      • New illustrations have been added in many chapters to clarify practical points of technique.
  • Contributors


    In memoriam L. W. Hall


    1. An introduction to anaesthesia

    And general considerations

    2. Patient monitoring and clinical measurement

    3. An introduction to pharmacokinetics

    4. Principles of sedation, anticholinergic agents, and principles of premedication

    5. Analgesia

    Kate Borer-Weir

    6. Injectable anaesthetic agents

    7. General pharmacology of the inhalation anaesthetics

    8. Relaxation of the skeletal muscles

    9. Pulmonary gas exchange: artificial ventilation of the lungs

    10. Apparatus for administration of anaesthetics


    11. Anaesthesia of the horse

    12. Anaesthesia of cattle

    13. Anaesthesia of sheep, goats and other herbivores

    14. Anaesthesia of the pig

    15. Anaesthesia of the dog

    16. Anaesthesia of the cat

    17.  Anaesthesia of small mammals, exotic pets, aquatic and small wildlife

    Stephen J. Divers

    18. Chemical immobilization of wild animals

    Sonia M. Hernandez


    19. Anaesthesia for obstetrics

    20. Anaesthesia for intrathoracic procedures

    21. Complications

    22. Cardiopulmonary cerebral resuscitation (CPCR)

    Jennifer G. Adams



  • Kathy W. Clarke, MA, VetMB, DVA, DVetMed, MRCVS, Department of Large Animal Medicine and Surgery, Royal Veterinary College, UK and Cynthia M. Trim, BVSc, MRCVS, DVA, DACVA, DECVA,, Department of Large Animal Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA
Was $117.00
Now $93.60
Free Shipping!
Please note
This item has low stock levels and may be back-ordered. We'll let you know if it is back-ordered, and you will not be charged until the item ships.