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cover image - Medical Acupuncture,2nd Edition
ISBN: 9780702043079
Page Count: 734
Imprint: Elsevier
List Price: $139.00

Medical Acupuncture, 2nd Edition

by Jacqueline Filshie, MBBS FRCA DipMedAC, Adrian White, MA MD BM BCh DipMedAc and Mike Cummings, MB ChB DipMedAc


cover image - Medical Acupuncture,2nd Edition
ISBN: 9780702043079
Page Count: 734
Imprint: Elsevier
List Price: $139.00
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Comprehensively revised and expanded with vital new content, the second edition of Medical Acupuncture continues to explore the realistic integration of acupuncture into conventional medicine. Advocating the Western medical acupuncture approach (WMA), this science-based compendium provides the trained practitioner with all the latest research on the effectiveness of WMA and its associated mechanisms, techniques, clinical practice and evidence.

Medical Acupuncture demonstrates a variety of needling techniques and clinical applications within the context of WMA and its evolution from traditional Chinese acupuncture using current knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology alongside the principles of evidence-based medicine.

Split into seven sections the book begins by establishing the roots of WMA in the Introduction and then progresses on to describe the mechanisms of action in Section 2, including peripheral components of stimulation and evidence from neuroimaging. Sections 3 and 4 cover clinical approaches (eg, superficial needling, electroacupuncture, safety of acupuncture) and techniques related to acupuncture (TENS, laser therapy). Section 5 takes a closer look at the difficulties faced by trials and reviews while Section 6 goes on to showcase 21 clinical uses of WMA, ranging from chronic pain, mental health, obstetrics and primary care to sports medicine, respiratory conditions and neurology. The final reference section contains dermatome/myotome maps, meridian/channel charts and standard international nomenclature.

    • Comprehensive coverage of the scientific evidence and clinical application of acupuncture in medicine
    • Balances the genuine benefits of acupuncture against unfounded claims
    • Presents a wide range of treatable conditions from psychiatry and palliative care through to the pain clinic and veterinary medicine
    • Clinical points boxes highlight key knowledge and learning
    • Illustrated with over 130 drawings and photographs
    • Content restructure and overhaul with contributions from over 40 world leading experts
    • Individual chapters on the use of acupuncture for a wide range of medical conditions including gynaecology and infertility, cancer and palliative care, drug dependence, obesity, sports medicine, dentistry and veterinary practice
    • Updated with the latest scientific evidence
    • Expanded information on neuroanatomical and neurophysiological considerations in relation to the mechanisms of acupuncture
  • Foreword Acknowledgements Contributors Abbreviations

    SECTION 1: Introduction

    1 Introduction A. White, M. Cummings, J. Filshie

    2 The history of medical acupuncture A. Campbell

    SECTION 2: Mechanisms of action

    3 Peripheral components of acupuncture stimulation – their contribution to the specific clinical effects of acupuncture T. Lundeberg, I. Lund

    4 Neuroimaging: a window into human brain mechanisms supporting acupuncture effects V. Napadow, N. Kettner, R.E. Harris

    5 Neurophysiology of chronic pain R. Gupta, P. Farquhar-Smith

    6 Acupuncture and the autonomic nervous system E. Stener-Victorin

    SECTION 3: Clinical approaches

    7 Western medical acupuncture – the approach to treatment M. Cummings

    8 Acupuncture without points A. Campbell

    9 Superficial acupuncture A. Macdonald

    10 Auricular acupuncture T. Usichenko, E. Anders

    11 Electroacupuncture D. Mayor

    12 Self-acupuncture M. Forrester

    13 Integration of acupuncture in the health service S. Hayhoe, A. White and Contributors

    14 Safety of acupuncture A. White, M. Cummings

    SECTION 4: Related techniques

    15 Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) M.I. Johnson, J.W. Thompson

    16 Laser acupuncture G.D. Baxter, S.M. McDonough

    SECTION 5: Research

    17 A critical approach to randomised controlled trials of acupuncture M. Cummings, A. White

    18 A critical approach to systematic reviews of acupuncture A. White

    SECTION 6: Clinical use

    19 Acupuncture for chronic pain S. Hayhoe

    20 Acupuncture analgesia for interventions K. Streitberger, T. Usichenko

    21 Acupuncture for gastrointestinal conditions S. Joos

    22 Acupuncture for nausea and vomiting K. Streitberger

    23 Acupuncture in cardiovascular medicine J. Longhurst

    24 Acupuncture for neurological conditions D.J. Grant

    25 Acupuncture in mental health P. Ronan, H. Rampes

    26 Acupuncture for drug dependence and obesity A. White

    27 Acupuncture for urogenital conditions M. Pullman

    28 Acupuncture for respiratory conditions A. White

    29 Acupuncture for ear, nose and throat conditions A. White

    30 Acupuncture for eye conditions E. Rom

    31 Acupuncture for skin conditions F. Pfab

    32 Acupuncture in gynaecology and infertility E. Stener-Victorin

    33 Acupuncture in obstetrics C.A. Smith

    34 Acupuncture in cancer and palliative care C. Rubens, J. Filshie

    35 Acupuncture in rheumatology L. Williamson

    36 Acupuncture in sports medicine K.V. Trinh, S.J. Scott, E. Ho, L. Field

    37 Acupuncture in primary care J. Foell

    38 Acupuncture in dentistry T. Thayer

    39 Acupuncture in veterinary medicine S. Lindley

    SECTION 7: Appendix

    Appendix 1 Dermatome/myotome maps Appendix 2 Meridian/channel charts Appendix 3 Standard international nomenclature for the 14 meridians

  • Jacqueline Filshie, MBBS FRCA DipMedAC, Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pain Management, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK, Adrian White, MA MD BM BCh DipMedAc, Clinical Research Fellow (retired), Plymouth University Peninsula School of Medicine and Dentistry, Plymouth, UK; (formerly) Editor in Chief, Acupuncture in Medicine. and Mike Cummings, MB ChB DipMedAc, Medical Director, British Medical Acupuncture Society, Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, London, UK
Was $139.00
Now $111.20
Free Shipping!
In Stock
Please note
This item has low stock levels and may be back-ordered. We'll let you know if it is back-ordered, and you will not be charged until the item ships.