ISBN: 9780702061547
Page Count: 464
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone
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A Nurse's Survival Guide to Drugs in Practice - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource,

by Ann Richards, BA(Hons) MSc DipN(Lon) RGN RNT
Elsevier eBook on VitalSource
ISBN: 9780702061547
Page Count: 464
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone
List Price: $40.95
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  • • Comprehensive coverage of drugs in use to offer security in any clinical setting

    • Succinct and clear information in boxes, lists etc to facilitate assimilation of information ‘on the spot’

    • Attractive page design and well signposted layout to enable quick access to the right information

    • Flexicover to maintain quality in a clinical setting and when frequently used

    • Covers basic pharmacology including drug absorption and metabolism as well as explaining how drugs actually work

    • Fully up to date with government guidelines e,g, from NICE, the Resuscitation Council and the British Thoracic Society etc.

    • Additional sections on the legal aspects of administering and prescribing drugs, drug calculations and paediatric doses

  • SECTION 1 Principles of Pharmacology

    1.1 Introduction to pharmacology

    1.2 The law, drugs, prescribing and medicines management

    1.3 Formulation and administration

    1.4 Pharmacokinetics

    1.5 Pharmacodynamics

    1.6 Adverse drug reactions

    SECTION 2 Autonomic Nervous System

    2.1 Autonomic nervous system - overview

    2.2 Adrenergic pharmacology

    2.3 Cholinergic pharmacology

    SECTION 3 Pain, analgesia and anaesthesia

    3.1 Pain, analgesia and anaesthesia - overview

    3.2 Opioid analgesia

    3.3 Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and paracetamol

    3.4 Anaesthesia

    SECTION 4 Central Nervous System

    4.1 Central nervous system - overview

    4.2 Chemical transmission in the brain

    4.3 Epilepsy

    4.4 Antipsychotics

    4.5 Antidepressants and mood stabilisers

    4.6 Anxiolytics and hypnotics

    4.7 Neurodegenerative disorders

    SECTION 5 Cardiovascular System

    5.1 Cardiovascular system - overview

    5.2 Hypertension

    5.3 Atherosclerosis and lipid-lowering drugs

    5.4 Ischaemic heart disease

    5.5 Cardiac arrhythmias

    5.6 Cardiac failure

    5.7 Antithrombotics

    SECTION 6 Respiratory, renal and gastrointestinal systems

    6.1 Respiratory system

    6.2 Renal system and diuretics

    6.3 Gastrointestinal tract

    SECTION 7 Endocrine System

    7.1 Endocrine pancreas and diabetes mellitus

    7.2 Pituitary gland and adrenal cortex

    7.3 Disorders of bone and bone metabolism

    7.4 Sex hormones

    7.5 Pregnancy

    SECTION 8 Chemotherapy

    8.1 Cancer chemotherapy

    8.2 Antimicrobial drugs

    SECTION 9 Other areas of pharmacology

    9.1 Herbal medicines

    9.2 Paediatric pharmacology

    9.3 Drugs and the elderly

    9.4 Topical drugs

    9.5 Emergency treatment of poisoning


    Further reading

    Appendix: drug measurement and calculation

  • Ann Richards, BA(Hons) MSc DipN(Lon) RGN RNT, Associate Lecturer, The Open University, UK
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