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cover image - Energy Medicine - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource,2nd Edition
ISBN: 9780702064944
Page Count: 392
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone
List Price: $46.99

Energy Medicine - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource, 2nd Edition

by James L. Oschman, PhD

Elsevier eBook on VitalSource

cover image - Energy Medicine - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource,2nd Edition
ISBN: 9780702064944
Page Count: 392
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone
List Price: $46.99
Was $46.99
Now $42.29
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See how energy therapies can normalize physiology and restore your patients’ health! Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis, 2nd Edition provides a deeper understanding of energy and energy flow in the human body. Using well-established scientific research, this book documents the presence of energy fields, discerns how those fields are generated, and determines how they are altered by disease, disorder, or injury. It then describes how therapeutic applications can restore natural energy flows within the body. Written by recognized energy medicine expert Dr. James Oschman — who is also a physiologist, cellular biologist, and biophysicist — this resource shows how the science of energetics may be used in healing diseases that conventional medicine has difficulty treating.

    • Easy-to-understand coverage simplifies the theory of energy medicine and the science behind it, providing detailed, coherent explanations for a complex subject. 
    • Well-established scientific research shows why and how energy medicine works.
    • Multi-disciplinary approach covers energy medicine as it applies to various healthcare disciplines, from acupuncture to osteopathy to therapeutic touch and energy psychology.
    • NEW! Additional views of the Living Matrix in this edition increase the number to 10 views, more accurately showing physiological and regulatory processes — the web of factors that determine our health.
    • NEW Basic Physics and Biophysics chapters introduce and simplify the concepts of electricity, magnetism, electromagnetism, and resonance.
    • NEW chapters on medical devices and inflammation bring to light the connection between energy medicine and inflammation, showing effective energy techniques such as devices that use energy fields and hands-on techniques in combating disease. 
    • UPDATED research on acupuncture and related therapies showcases exciting new work from prestigious laboratories in the U.S. and abroad on the anatomy and biophysics of the acupuncture meridian system.
    • NEW Sciences of the Subconscious and Intuition and The Energetic Blueprint of Life and Health chapters cover the important topics of energy psychology and epigenetics.
    • NEW Regulatory Energetics chapter includes topics such as communication, control, regulation, coordination, integration, feedback, and energy flow — all crucial to understanding living systems and the healing process.
    • NEW Energy Medicine in Daily Life chapter includes examples of simple energy medicine tools that can sustain health, happiness and longevity, and why and how they are so effective.
    • NEW evidence from quantum physics describes the latest implications of quantum principles and quantum mechanics as related to devices and therapies in energy medicine. 
    • NEW content on the mechanisms involved in intuition and the unconscious mind emphasizes the emerging topics of trauma energetics and energy psychology, along with the importance of intuition in therapeutics.
    • NEW chapters on the history of developments in electrobiology and electrophysiology discuss neuroscience applications in diagnosis and therapeutics, linking the new inflammation model of disease with energy medicine.
    • NEW historical content covers the individuals who have created the field of energy medicine, with descriptions of their techniques and references to their literature.
    • NEW Appendix I summarizes the regulations governing devices used in the practice of energy medicine. 
    • NEW Appendix II lists legal, ethical, and other CAM resources available to energy practitioners.
  • Foreword to the First Edition
    Preface to the First Edition
    Preface to the Second Edition
    1. Introducing and Defining Energy and Energy Medicine
    2. Basic Physics and Biophysics, Part I: Electricity and Magnetism 
    3. Basic Physics and Biophysics: Electromagnetism and Resonance
    4. Historical Origins of Energy Medicine
    5. Electrobiology and Electrophysiology
    6. Electricity and Magnetism in Diagnosis and Therapeutics
    7. Bodywork, Energetic and Movement Therapies
    8. Measuring the Fields of Life
    9. Regulatory Energetics
    10. Energy ‘Circuits’ in the Body
    11. The Living Matrix: Ten Perspectives
    12. Energy Medicine and the Sciences of the Subconscious and Intuition
    13. The Energetic Blueprint of Life and Health
    14. Acupuncture, Acupressure, Shiatsu, and Related Therapies
    15. Silent Pulses and Rhythmic Entrainment
    16. The Electromagnetic Environment
    17. Energy Medicine in Daily Life
    Appendix I: The Regulation Devices Used in the Practice of Energy Medicine
    Appendix Ii: Legal, Ethical, and Other CAM Resources
  • James L. Oschman, PhD, Nature's Own Research Association, Dover, USA
Was $46.99
Now $42.29
Or $0.00 with a valid access code