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cover image - Evolve Resources for Practical Periodontics
ISBN: 9780702066733
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone
List Price: $0.00

Evolve Resources for Practical Periodontics

by Kenneth A Eaton, PhD, MSc, BDS, MGDS RCS(Eng), FFGDP(UK), FFPH, FHEA, FICD, DHC and Philip Ower, MSc, BDS, MGDS RCS (Eng & Edin)


cover image - Evolve Resources for Practical Periodontics
ISBN: 9780702066733
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone
List Price: $0.00
Free with purchase of new corresponding textbook

Practical Periodontics is a new concept as it consists of a printed book and a supporting website. The editors are only too aware that information dates rapidly and textbooks soon become out of date. With the help and agreement of Elsevier they have therefore developed this website, which supplements the printed book and enables new material and information to be added. The website includes areas with:

· more than 400 multiple-choice questions based on the content of the book, which readers may find useful when preparing for examinations;

· the programme Assessing the Periodontium, which includes videos showing how to perform this clinical task [this feature will be launched shortly];

· case studies;

· examples of referral letters.

The website will be updated periodically. The editors encourage users to send them feedback and suggestions which should be e-mailed to

Table of contents:

  • Multiple-choice questions
    • Study mode
    • Assessment mode

  • Case studies and Referral Letters
    • Case Study 1: Periodontal diagnosis and management
    • Caste Study 2: Periodontal diagnosis and management
    • Referral Letters 1
    • Referral Letters 2
    • Referral Letters 3

  • Assessing the Peridiontium
    • Note to users: this feature will be launched shortly

  • Updates to the book
    • Note to users: this feature will be launched periodically
    • Written in an accessible, easy-to-read style to aid retention of facts
    • Chapter overviews, ‘learning objectives’ and key points boxes aid revision
    • Practical approach to the subject helps bring ‘learning to life’
    • ASSOCIATED WEBSITE offers interactive questions, videos and case reports to aid exam preparation
    • Offers guidance regarding the management of children and young adults, as well as specialist referrals
    • Prepared by contributors of international renown
    • Discusses patient education - including self-care and oral hygiene methods
    • Full colour artwork program helps explain detailed processes such as complex immunological responses
    • Designed specifically to give students confidence when performing periodontal procedures
    • Explores the interaction of periodontology with other dental disciplines, including implant and orthodontic specialists
    • Suitable for all undergraduate students of dentistry, hygiene and therapy
  • Section 1: Aetiology of Periodontal Diseases

    1.1 The macro- and micro-anatomy of periodontal tissues

    1.2 The pathogenesis of periodontal diseases

    1.3 Epidemiology of periodontal disease

    1.4 Host response and susceptibility

    1.5 The role of biofilms in health and disease

    1.6 Periodontal risk - systemic and local risk factors

    Section 2: Periodontal Diagnosis and Prognosis

    2.1 Classification of periodontal diseases

    2.2 Assessment and monitoring of a periodontal patient

    2.3 Gingival overgrowth

    2.4 Periodontitis and systemic diseases

    2.5 Determining periodontal prognosis

    Section 3: Periodontal Treatment Planning

    3.1 Treatment planning - gingivitis and periodontitis

    3.2 The management of gingival recession

    3.3 Treatment planning: periodontal problems in children and young adults

    3.4 Referral to a periodontal specialist

    Section 4: The Role of Self Care and Oral Hygiene Methods

    4.1 Patient education and self-performed biofilm control

    4.2 Clinical imaging in patient assessment and motivation

    4.3 Patient adherence

    Section 5: Non-surgical Periodontal Management

    5.1 The diseased root surface in periodontitis

    5.2 Periodontal instrumentation

    5.3 Antibiotics in the management of periodontal diseases

    5.4 Assessment of treatment outcomes and supportive periodontal therapy

    Section 6: Surgical Periodontal Therapy

    6.1 Rationale for periodontal surgery

    Section 7: Interaction with Other Dental Disciplines

    7.1 The periodontal-restorative interface

    7.2 The periodontal-orthodontic interface

  • Kenneth A Eaton, PhD, MSc, BDS, MGDS RCS(Eng), FFGDP(UK), FFPH, FHEA, FICD, DHC, Visiting Professor, University College London Eastman and King's College London Dental Institutes; Honorary Professor, University of Kent; Visiting Professor, Leeds University; Specialist in Periodontics and Dental Public Health, London, UK and Philip Ower, MSc, BDS, MGDS RCS (Eng & Edin), Specialist in Periodontics, Private Practice, Newbury, UK
Free with purchase of new corresponding textbook