Caring for the Older Adult

Caring for the Older Adult


CARING FOR THE OLDER ADULT: A HEALTH PROMOTION PERSPECTIVE is a concise, straightforward LPN/LVN textbook covering the essentials of gerontologic nursing from a strong health promotion perspective. The nature of normal aging, as well as disorders common to the elderly, are discussed. This resource also addresses concepts and issues related to promoting both physical and psychological health in an aging population. The engaging, easy-to-read, informal writing style draws the reader into the subject while conveying important information.
THE NURSING ROLE IN CARE OF THE OLDER ADULT · Introduction to Health Promotion for the Older Adult · Promoting Health in a Culturally Diverse Older Adult Population · Promoting a Safe Care Environment · Promoting Self-Care Management of Chronic Illness · PROMOTION OF PHYSICAL HEALTH FOR THE OLDER ADULT · Promoting Activity and Rest · Promoting Nutrition and Hydration · Promoting Adequate Excretion, Reproductive and Regulatory Well-Being · Promoting a Healthy Heart and Peripheral Vascular System · Promoting Oxygenation · Promoting Sensory/Perceptual Functioning · Promoting Cognitive Abilities · PROMOTION OF PSYCHOSOCIAL HEALTH FOR THE OLDER ADULT · Promoting Psychosocial Health and Wellness · SPECIAL CHALLENGES IN CARE OF THE OLDER ADULT · Protecting the Vulnerable Older Adult · End-of-Life Care · MANAGEMENT SKILLS IN CARE OF THE OLDER ADULT · Leadership Role of the LPN/LVN · APPENDICES
Patricia A. O'Neill, RN, MSN, CCRN, Nursing Instructor, DeAnza College, Cupertino, CA


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