Basic Nurse Assisting

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Basic Nurse Assisting


This exciting text covers all of the essential content and skills required for basic nurse assisting courses in a unique and innovative style. All the information is divided neatly into columns, which prioritizes concepts for readers in the main column so they can concentrate on the most important topics. And with over 1,000 photographs and drawings, students find this text visually stimulating. Students will also uncover all the tips and techniques, safety topics, and federal guidelines they need to be able to work in any setting.
  • Prioritizes information in a unique and visually stimulating layout. Everything the reader needs to know is covered in the main column, while a narrower column covers nice-to-know information.
  • Highlights all OBRA federal guidelines and safety topics.
  • Provides practical tips and rationales on certain techniques and actions with How and Why boxes.
  • Ensures reading comprehension for all levels of learners including English as a Second Language (ESL) students.
  • Contains an appendix with Spanish translations to help communicate with Spanish-speaking patients.
  • Explains important vocabulary with a list of key terms with definitions at the beginning of each chapter.
  • Includes What You Will Learn objectives at the beginning of each chapter.
  • Presents streamlined procedures in a 2-column format with clear, concise steps in one column and illustrations next to the steps.
  • Contains special considerations for older adults, children, and diverse cultures that prepare students to provide safe and effective care to these patients.
  • Highlights skills that are part of the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) test plan to help users study for this certification exam.
Section 1 The Role of the Nursing Assistant

1. Working in Health Care

2. Your Role as a Nursing Assistant

3. Communication

Section 2 Caring for Others

4. Understanding Basic Human Needs

5. Understanding Human Growth and Development

6. Caring for Older Adults

7. Body Structure and Function

8. Common Health Problems

Section 3 Basic Nursing Skills

9. Infection Control

10. Safety

11. Body Mechanics

12. Rest, Exercise, Ambulation

13. Vital Signs

Section 4 Activities of Daily Living

14. Bedmaking

15. Bathing

16. Mouth Care

17. Personal Care and Comfort Measures

18. Dressing

19. Nutrition and Fluids

20. Urinary Elimination

21. Bowel Elimination

22. Admission, Transfer, and Discharge

Section 5 Therapeutic and Technical Skills

23. Skin and Wound Care

24. Heat and Cold Applications

25. Specimen Collection and Testing

26. Assisting with a Physical Examination

27. Caring for the Person on Oxygen Therapy

Section 6 Special Care Needs

28. Surgical Care

29. Rehabilitation and Restorative Care

30. Confusion, Dementia, and Other Mental Health Disorders

31. Care of the Dying Person

32. Care of Mothers and Infants

33. Care of Children

34. Emergency Care Measures

Section 7 Professional Skills

35. Professional Skills
Mary E. Stassi, RNC, Coordinator, Health Occupations, St. Charles Community College, St. Peters, MO


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