Evolve Resources for Stories in Midwifery

Evolve Resources for Stories in Midwifery

By Christine Catling, RM MSc (mid) PhD, Allison Cummins and Rosemarie Hogan

Powerfully told stories convey lessons that are remembered for life

Stories in Midwifery: Reflection, Inquiry, Action presents an insightful collection of personal stories as told by a range of women, midwives, students, health professionals and family members. This unique resource offers midwifery students and practicing midwives an extraordinary perspective on a range of topics related to birthing and midwifery, including continuity of care, perinatal mental health, complex pregnancies, homebirth, and assisted reproductive techniques, among others.

Presented in workbook and online multimedia format, this valuable resource builds empathy and understanding, and provides examples of innovative approaches to woman-centred care with a focus on reflection, inquiry and action. The teaching and learning strategies assist in developing skills, attitudes and mindfulness for working in partnership with women in various settings, including the home, community, hospitals, clinics and birth centres.


  • 24 video stories presenting personal accounts from a range of lived experiences.
  • Transcripts of all interviews are included online.
  • All content from the workbook with the addition of the embedded videos.
Christine Catling, RM MSc (mid) PhD, Senior Lecturer in Midwifery, Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney, Sydney, Australia, Allison Cummins and Rosemarie Hogan

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