Neurology for the Speech-Language Pathologist, 5th Edition

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Neurology for the Speech-Language Pathologist, 5th Edition


A clear, concise, and approachable writing style helps students understand neurology in the context of speech-language pathology. Supplemented by a wealth of new illustrations and learning features for students, this new edition helps to demystify this often-daunting subject matter. The 5th edition also introduces a new author, Dr. Richard Adler, who brings a fresh perspective and an impressive clinical background.
  • The perfect reader-friendly introduction to the neurology of speech and language
  • Emphasizes the neurological mechanisms involved in communication disorders in children and adults
  • A new two-color design enhances chapter organization, and the larger size offers a better image presentation with convenient lay-flat reading.
  • Approximately 225 illustrations – nearly three times that of the previous edition - are highlighted with color to clarify this complex area of study.
  • Improved organization enhances understanding by following a logical flow of information, with speech- and language-specific chapters following a natural progression that more clearly delineates the adult and pediatric content.
  • A new chapter, “Central Language Mechanism and Learning,” expands the information about how the brain learns - a natural way to introduce language disorders and provide a solid foundation for study.
  • More information on pediatric syndromes and disorders reflects an increased emphasis on this area within neurology.
  • New case studies in the clinically oriented chapters provide students with realistic clinical applications.
  • Key vocabulary highlighted within chapters and each term is defined in a handy back-of-book glossary.
  • Evolve Learning Resources give students and instructors access to a comprehensive suite of learning, communication, and organization tools, including WebLinks, Tip Sheets, Checklists, Test Banks, lecture slides, Image Collections, Instructor's Manuals, Teaching Tips, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and more.
1. Introduction to Speech-Language Neurology

2. Organization of the Nervous System I

3. Organization of the Nervous System II

4. Neuronal Function in the Nervous System

5. Neurosensory Organization of Speech and Hearing

6. Neuromotor Control of Speech

7. The Cranial Nerves

8. Clinical Speech Syndromes of the Motor Systems

9. Pediatric Clinical Speech Syndromes: The Developing Brain

10. Central Language Mechanism and Learning NEW!

11. Adult Disorders of Language

12. Pediatric Disorders of Language


A. Medical Conditions Related to Communication Disorders

B. Bedside Neurologic Examination

C. Screening Neurologic Examination for Speech-Language Pathology


Wanda Webb, PhD, Assistant Professor of Hearing and Speech Sciences, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, TN and Richard K. Adler, PhD, CCC-SLP, Professor, Department of Speech/Language/Hearing Sciences, Minnesota State University, Moorhead, MN


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