Saunders Clinical Skills for Medical Assistants Package

Saunders Clinical Skills for Medical Assistants Package


This exciting series consists of 10 DVDs that present over 140 core medical assisting skills in an innovative, interactive video format. Each DVD is divided into individual sections and features at least 13 videos that follow a consistent format and focus on an essential medical assisting skill set. Actual medical assistants perform all the skills, as well as skill variations, demonstrating proper technique in the clinical setting. Interactive onscreen review questions reinforce key concepts and test understanding.
  • The videos can be played on a television equipped with a DVD player, or on a computer with a DVD drive.
  • Specific segments or entire videos can be paused or replayed as many times as needed for comprehension.
  • Each video begins with an Overview that introduces the skill, its goal, and how it is used in the clinical setting.
  • The videos outline key components for performing each skill, such as necessary equipment, OSHA standard precautions, and special patient population considerations.
  • Skill Variations show alternate methods for performing common skills techniques in the clinical setting.
  • Each video discusses the necessary and appropriate documentation procedure for the skill.
  • What If interviews feature medical assistants discussing specific practice scenarios, encouraging users to consider what they would do in a similar situation.
  • Interactive onscreen review questions at the end of each video reinforce key concepts and allow users to gauge understanding.
  • Spanish subtitles provide access to written translations of all video content.

9 skills/13 videos • Approx. running time: 65 minutes

Section 1: Asepsis

1.1.1 Personal Protective Equipment

1.1.2 Medical Aseptic Hand Wash

1.1.3 Applying Alcohol-Based Hand Rub

1.1.4 Applying and Removing Disposable Gloves

1.1.5 Disposal of Biohazard Waste

Section 2: Sanitization, Sterilization, Disinfection

1.2.1 Cleaning and Disinfecting Contaminated Surfaces

Variation: Large Spill

1.2.2 Sanitizing Contaminated Instruments

1.2.3 Wrapping Instruments

Procedure A: Wrapping an Instrument Using Blue Wrap

Procedure B: Wrapping a Pack Used for Minor Surgery

Variation: Wrapping Using a Plastic Sterilization Pouch

1.2.4 Sterilizing Instruments in the Autoclave

Variation: Manual Autoclave


10 skills/15 videos • Approx. running time: 75 minutes

Section 1: Preparing to Work with Patients

2.1.1 Preparing to Work with Patients

Variation: Working with a Young Child

Section 2: Temperature Measuring Oral Body Temperature

Variation: Rigid Plastic Probe

Variation: Mercury Free Glass Thermometer

2.2.2 Measuring Axillary Body Temperature

2.2.3 Measuring Rectal Body Temperature

2.2.4 Measuring Aural Body Temperature

Procedure: Child Patient

Variation: Adult Patient

Section 3: Pulse and Respirations

2.3.1 Measuring Pulse and Respiration

2.3.2 Measuring Apical Pulse

Procedure: Infant Patient

Variation: Adult Patient

2.3.3 Pulse Oximetry

Section 4: Blood Pressure

2.4.1 Measuring Blood Pressure: Palpation

2.4.2 Measuring Blood Pressure: Auscultation

Variation: With a Child Patient


9 skills/11 videos • Approx. running time: 60 minutes

Section 1: Maintaining and Preparing Exam Room

3.1.1 Cleaning Exam Room Between Patients

3.1.2 Daily Cleaning and Restocking of Exam Room

Section 2: Preparing to Work with Patients

3.2.1 Preparing to Work with Patients

Variation: Working with a Young Child

Section 3: Body Measurements

3.3.1 Measuring Height and Weight

Variation: Height of a Child Using a Wall Scale

3.3.2 Measuring Length and Weight of an Infant

Variation: Measuring Infant Length with Tape Measure

3.3.3 Measuring Head and Chest Circumference of an Infant

3.3.4 Calculating Growth Percentiles

Section 4: Patient History and Undressing for the Exam

3.4.1 Obtaining Patient History

Procedure: New Patient

Variation: Established Patient

3.4.2 Undressing for the Exam

Procedure: Physical Exam

Variation: Follow-up Exam


12 skills/15 videos • Approx. running time: 75 minutes

Section 1: Preparing to Work with Patients

4.1.1 Preparing to Work with Patients

Variation: Working with a Young Child

Section 2: Assisting with Examinations

4.2.1 The Physical Examination

4.2.2 Positioning the Patient

Section 3: Assessing Vision

4.3.1 Assessing Distance Visual Acuity

Procedure: Snellen Chart

Variation: Big E Chart

Variation: Picture Chart

4.3.2 Assessing Color Vision: Ishihara Test

4.3.3 Assessing Near Vision: Jaeger Test

Section 4: Eye and Ear Instillation and Irrig


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