Study Guide for Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist, 2nd Edition

Study Guide for Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist, 2nd Edition


Specially designed to parallel material in Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist, 2nd Edition, this helpful new study guide provides in-depth study and review of the most important facts and information on pharmacology for surgical technologists.
  • Over 25 review questions (primarily multiple-choice) for each chapter focus on recall, application, and critical thinking-type exercises.
  • Multiple-choice Chapter Quizzes and Unit Quizzes provide additional practice.
  • Flash cards provide review of both key terms/definitions and common medications/category.
  • Worksheets for completing drug profiles utilize the Mosby's Essential Drugs for Surgical Technologiest to expand understanding of all drugs presented.
Unit 1 Introduction to Pharmacology

1. Basic Pharmacology

2. Medication Development, Regulation & Resources

3. Basic Mathematics

4. Medication Administration

Unit 2 Applied Surgical Pharmacology

5. Antibiotics

6. Diagnostic Agents

7. Diuretics

8. Hormones

9. Drugs that Affect Coagulation

10. Ophthalmic Agents

11. Fluids and Irrigations

12. Antineoplastic Agents

Unit 3 Anesthesia

13. Preoperative Medications

14. Patient Monitoring, Local & Regional Anesthesia

15. General Anesthesia

16. Emergency Situations
Katherine Snyder, CST, BS and Chris Keegan, CST, MS, Department, Chair and Instructor, Sugical Technology Department, Vincennes University, Evansville, IN


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