ISBN: 9781416031895
Page Count: 400
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $75.95

Radiography in Veterinary Technology, 4th Edition

by Lisa M. Lavin, CVT, BA, MBA
ISBN: 9781416031895
Page Count: 400
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $75.95
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Written by a veterinary technician for veterinary technicians, students, and veterinary practice application, this concise, step-by-step text will help users consistently produce excellent radiographic images. It covers the physics of radiography, the origin of film artifacts, and positioning and restraint of small, large, avian, and exotic animals. It discusses everything from patient preparation, handling, and positioning to technical evaluation of the finished product.
    • 500 illustrations and abundant charts and diagrams
    • Explicit, clear patient positioning guidelines, including where to collimate, anatomical landmarks, drawings of the animal positioned, and the resulting radiograph
    • A radiographic technique chart that shows how to troubleshoot radiographic quality
    • Boxed outlines that provide a concise, ready reference regarding technique in the section on special radiographic procedures
    • A guide to quality control (including tests)
    • A special procedure guide, including how to use contrast media
    • A chart on how to develop a technique guide
    • Chapter outlines, glossaries, and references
    • Case studies that illustrate artifacts
    • Key points and review questions follow every chapter
    • A new chapter on digital veterinary radiography
  • Part One Radiographic Theory and Equipment

    1. X-ray production

    2. Anatomy of the x-ray machine

    3. Radiation safety

    4. Exposure factors

    5. Radiographic quality

    6. Image receptors

    7. Film processing

    8. Radiographic technique evaluation

    9. Developing a technique chart

    10. Quality assurance/quality control

    11. Technical artifacts and errors: case studies

    Part Two Radiographic Positioning

    12. General principles of positioning

    13. Small animal forelimb

    14. Small animal pelvis and hind limb

    15. Small animal skull

    16. Small animal spine

    17. Small animal soft tissue

    18. Special procedures

    19. Large animal radiography

    20. Avian and exotic radiography

    21. Alternative imaging technologies

    22. Digital veterinary radiography NEW!
  • Lisa M. Lavin, CVT, BA, MBA
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