cover image - Study Guide for Today's Medical Assistant
ISBN: 9781416044314
Page Count: 1296
Imprint: Saunders
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Study Guide for Today's Medical Assistant,

by Kathy Bonewit-West, BS, MEd, Sue Hunt, MA, RN, CMA (AAMA) and Edith Applegate, MS
cover image - Study Guide for Today's Medical Assistant
ISBN: 9781416044314
Page Count: 1296
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $41.95
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Assess your knowledge, enhance your critical thinking capabilities, and apply the skills you’ve learned in Today’s Medical Assistant with this engaging study guide! This comprehensive collection of review tools, application exercises, and expert insight provides a fun, practical way to strengthen your understanding of concepts and procedures from the text and ensure complete preparation for success in medical assisting!
    • Key Term Assessments reinforce your grasp of important medical terminology.
    • Pretests and Posttests help you assess your content knowledge and perfect your test-taking skills.
    • Critical Thinking Activities correlated directly to the text challenge you to apply what you’ve learned to realistic patient scenarios.
    • Procedure checklists make it easy to track procedure performance.
    • Labeling Exercises in the anatomy chapters let you practice identifying anatomic structures.
    • Evaluation of Learning short-answer questions enable you to gauge your understanding of each chapter’s primary topics and discussion points.
    • Practice for Competency charts help you practice clinical skills and track your progress.
    • Evaluation of Competency checklists allow you to compare your performance to the stated objectives and performance standards and assess your strengths and weaknesses.
    • Medication flash cards make it easier to learn and understand important drug information.
    • A Road to Recovery game provides a fun, interactive way to practice your responses to realistic medical office scenarios.
    • Crossword Puzzles help you review terms and concepts in an engaging, entertaining format.
    • Pharmacology Math Review exercises refresh your mathematic skills with real-world scenarios and equations similar to those you’ll encounter in practice.
    • An Externship Evaluation helps you keep track of your work experience and prepare for a successful transition into the professional environment.
    1. The Health Care System

    2. The Professional Medical Assistant

    3. Ethics and Law for the Medical Office

    4. Interacting with Patients

    5. Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

    6. Integumentary System

    7. Skeletal System

    8. Muscular System

    9. Nervous System

    10. The Senses

    11. Endocrine System

    12. Circulatory System

    13. Respiratory System

    14. Digestive System

    15. Urinary System

    16. Reproductive System

    17. Medical Asepsis and the OSHA Standard

    18. Sterilization and Disinfection

    19. Vital Signs

    20. The Physical Examination

    21. Eye and Ear Assessment and Procedures

    22. Physical Agents to Promote Tissue Healing

    23. The Gynecologic Examination and Prenatal Care

    24. The Pediatric Examination

    25. Minor Office Surgery

    26. Administration of Medication and Intravenous Therapy

    27. Cardiopulmonary Procedures

    28. Specialty Examinations and Procedures: Colon Procedures, Male Reproductive Health, and Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging

    29. Introduction to the Clinical Laboratory

    30. Urinalysis

    31. Phlebotomy

    32. Hematology

    33. Blood Chemistry and Serology

    34. Medical Microbiology

    35. Emergency Medical Procedures

    36. The Medical Record

    37. Patient Reception

    38. Medical Office Computerization

    39. Telephone Techniques

    40. Scheduling Appointments

    41. Medical Records Management

    42. Written Communications

    43. Mail

    44. Managing Practice Finances

    45. Medical Coding

    46. Medical Insurance

    47. Billing and Collections

    48. The Medical Assistant as Office Manager

    49. Obtaining Employment
  • Kathy Bonewit-West, BS, MEd, Coordinator and Instructor, Medical Assistant Technology, Hocking College, Nelsonville, OH, Former member, Curriculum Review Board of the American Association of Medical Assistants, Sue Hunt, MA, RN, CMA (AAMA), Former Professor and Coordinator, Medical Assisting Program, Middlesex Community College, Lowell, MA and Edith Applegate, MS, Professor of Sciences and Mathematics, Kettering College of Medical Arts, Kettering, OH
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