Dorland's Medical Speller, 2nd Edition

Dorland's Medical Speller, 2nd Edition


Comprehensive yet easy to use, this resource lets you keep pace with the constant evolution of medical terminology. It provides an alphabetical listing of today’s medical terms in all specialties, including the correct spelling of words, phrases, and eponyms. With this book, it’s simple to find the right word for medical spelling. And with more than 140,000 entries, it includes all the terminology that transcriptionists need to know — but often cannot find in standard references.
  • Alphabetical listing of entries lets you find words faster than having to search by category.
  • Dictionary-style page headings help you find entries quickly.
  • Words are based on Dorland’s Medical Dictionary, the world's most trusted source on the language of medicine for over 100 years.
  • New terms have been added, giving you the most current information available.
  • User-friendly, A-Z page tabs help you find words quickly and easily.
Ellen Drake, CMT, FAAMT


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