Clinical Medical Assisting Online for Kinn's The Clinical Medical Assistant
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Clinical Medical Assisting Online for Kinn's The Clinical Medical Assistant


Clinical Medical Assisting Online teaches students what they need to know to be successful clinical medical assistants by placing them in a realistic online "virtual externship." Learning within a "work environment" puts new skills and information into context, which makes them easier to understand and remember. The course consists of eight modules. Each module is divided into lessons, breaking the learning down into manageable assignments. Each lesson begins with a reading assignment from Kennedy: Kinn's The Clinical Medical Assistant: An Applied Learning Approach giving students the proper foundational information before tackling another "day" on their externship. By the end of the course, students will have learned and mastered all the important concepts and have practiced all the competencies required of a successful clinical medical assistant.
Module 1: Precautions for Patient Safety (lessons include Sanitizing Hands and Instruments, and more)

Module 2: Preparing a Patient for a Physical Exam (lessons include: Obtaining and Documenting a Medical History, Measuring Height and Weight, Measuring Body Temperature, and more)

Module 3: Assisting with Patient Examinations (lessons include Assisting with a Routine Examination and with Specialty examinations)

Module 4: Collecting and Testing Laboratory Specimens (lessons include Collecting and Preparing Specimens for Transport to an Outside Laboratory, Collecting and Testing Immunology and Serology Specimens and more)

Module 5: Applying Pharmacology Principles for Patient Safety
(lessons include Preparing and Administering Oral Medications, Performing Injections and more)

Module 6: Assisting with Minor Office Surgery
(lessons include Preparing to Assist with Minor Office Surgery and Changing Wound Dressings and Removing Sutures)

Module 7: Testing to Assist with Patient Diagnosis (lessons include Conducting an Electrocardiogram and Conducting a Spirometry Test)

Module 8: Educating Patients for Compliance (lesson includes Educating Patients in Diet and Nutrition and Meeting Specialized Patient Education Needs)
Deborah B. Proctor, EdD, RN, CMA, Professor and Director, Medical Assisting Program, Butler County Community College, Butler, PA


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