Medical Coding Online (Classroom) for Step-by-Step Medical Coding 2006
Online Course

Medical Coding Online (Classroom) for Step-by-Step Medical Coding 2006


Medical Coding Online represents a complete course on advanced coding, combining content, self-study, and assessment into one product that can be immediately implemented as part of a distance-learning program, or used to enhance a traditional classroom. The course book provides all the content in detail while the online component reinforces the important concepts in concise lessons incorporating figures, photographs, audio narrated slide shows, and links to relevant web sites. Self-study includes a variety of interactive activities including unique case-based exercises designed specifically for medical coding.
  • Includes a variety of student and instructor communication options such as real-time chat, class calendar, e-mail connections, bulletin board, digital drop box, discussion board, Instructor syllabus, and gradebooks to allow for flexibility and enhanced learning.
  • Uses a unique case approach to advanced coding so students will get a more accurate feel for what a coder does on the job as well as matching, fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, and true/false.
  • Each on-line chapter includes engaging synopses of all the lessons in the textbook.
  • Includes approximately 18 slide shows with audio narration to explain physical processes being demonstrated.
  • "Hot" concept/key terms within text provides definitions of key concepts/terms at a single click to enables student to access correct definitions instantly.
  • "Lesson Lectures" contain hypertext links opening pop-up boxes with further explanations to enable students to "dig deeper" into the content.
  • Automatically scores end-of-chapter assessments to allow instructors to evaluate their students' comprehension and know their grades at any time during the progression through the course.
  • Extensive glossary provides definitions of approximately 650 key terms.
    • All content has been updated to current industry standards and for use with Step-by-Step Medical Coding, 2006 edition
    • The entire design has been updated to make the course more easy-to-use
      Carol J. Buck, MS, CPC, CCS-P, Former Program Director, Medical Secretarial Programs, Northwest Technical College, East Grand Forks, MN


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