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cover image - Perinatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource,3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781416068730
Page Count: 816
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $76.95

Perinatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource, 3rd Edition

by Brian K. Walsh, PhD, RRT-NPS, RRT-ACCS, RPFT, FAARC, Michael P. Czervinske, BSRT, RRT-NPS and Robert M. DiBlasi, RRT-NPS

Elsevier eBook on VitalSource

cover image - Perinatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource,3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781416068730
Page Count: 816
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $76.95
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Now $73.10
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With the in-depth coverage you need, this text helps you provide quality treatment for neonates, infants and pediatric patients. It discusses the principles of neonatal and pediatric respiratory care while emphasizing clinical application. Not only is this edition updated with the latest advances in perinatal and pediatric medicine, but it adds a new chapter on pediatric thoracic trauma plus new user-friendly features to simplify learning.
    • A comprehensive approach covers all of the major topics of respiratory care for neonates, infants and children, including both theory and application
    • Exam preparation is enhanced by the inclusion of the content in the exam matrix for the NBRC’s neonatal/pediatric specialty exam.
    • A streamlined, logical organization makes it easy to build a solid foundation of knowledge.
    • Unique Pediatric Thoracic Trauma chapter focuses on common forms of thoracic trauma, a condition that accounts for 5-10% of admissions to pediatric trauma centers.
    • Learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter highlight what you should learn by breaking down key content into measurable behaviors, criteria, and conditions.
    • Assessment questions in each chapter are written in the NBRC multiple-choice style as found on the neonatal and pediatric specialty exam, with answers, page references, and rationales available on a companion Evolve website.
    • Case studies help you master the more difficult areas of care for neonatal and pediatric disorders.
    • New learning features and a fresh look make this text easier to study and use.
    • A companion Evolve website includes links to related sites for further research and study.

    1. Fetal Lung Development

    Bruce M. Schnapf; Scott M. Kirley

    2. Fetal Gas Exchange and Circulation

    Michael P. Czervinske

    3. Antenatal Assessment and High Risk Delivery

    Antoun Y. Khabbaz; J. Gerald Quirk

    4. Neonatal Assessment and Resuscitation

    Craig Patrick Black


    5. Examination and Assessment of the Neonatal Patient

    Craig Patrick Black

    6. Exam and Assessment of the Pediatric Patient

    Dennis E. Schellhase

    7. Pulmonary Function Testing and Bedside Pulmonary Mechanics

    Michael A. Gentile

    8. Radiographic Assessment

    J. David Ingram

    9. Bronchoscopy

    Karl Kalavantavanich, Craig M. Schramm

    10. Invasive Blood Gas Analysis and Monitoring

    Robert M. DiBlasi, Michael P. Czervinske

    11. Non-invasive Monitoring in Neonatal and Pediatric Care

    Cynthia Jacobus


    12. Oxygen Administration

    Sherry L. Barnhart

    13. Aerosols and Administration of Medication

    James B. Fink, Bruce K. Rubin

    14. Airway Clearance Techniques and Lung Volume Expansion

    Brian K. Walsh

    15. Airway Management

    Ian N. Jacobs, Mary M. Pettignano, Robert Pettignano

    16. Surfactant Replacement

    Santina A. Zanelli, David Kaufman

    17. Mechanical Ventilators

    Katherine Fedor

    18. Newborn Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

    Peter Richardson, Robert M. DiBlasi

    19. Mechanical Ventilation of the Neonatal and Pediatric Patient

    Brian K. Walsh, Robert M. DiBlasi

    20. Neonatal and Pediatric High-frequency Ventilation

    Keith S. Meredith

    21. Noninvasive Mechanical Ventilation of the Infant and Child

    Pradip Kamat, W. Gerald Teague

    22. Administration of Gas Mixtures

    Mark Rogers

    23. Extracorporeal Life Support

    Douglas R. Hansell

    24. Pharmacology

    Robert Aucoin

    25. Thoracic Organ Transplantation

    George M. Mallory, Jr., Okan Elidemir, Marc Schecter

    26. Pediatric Advanced Life Support

    Patrice Johnson, Kim Stevenson


    27. Neonatal Pulmonary Disorders

    Thomas L. Miller, Thomas H. Shaffer, Jay S. Greenspan

    28. Congenital and Surgical Disorders that Affect Respiratory Care

    Scott Keckler, Kurt Schropp

    29. Neonatal Complications of Respiratory Care

    Charles Paxson, Jr.,

    30. Congenital Cardiac Defects

    John Salyer, Dave Crotwell, Teodor D. Butiu

    31. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Sleep Disorders

    Pearl Yu

    32. Pediatric Airway Disorders and Pulmonary Infections

    Brain K. Walsh, Nico Vehse

    33. Asthma

    Tom Kallstrom, Maridee Jones

    34. Cystic Fibrosis

    Bruce Schnapf

    35. Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

    Ira Cheifetz, Jennifer L. Turi

    36. Shock and Anaphylaxis

    Cynthia Gibson, Anthony Slonim

    37. Sepsis and Meningitis

    Julie Fitzgerald, Tracy Koogler

    38. Thermal and Inhalation Injury

    Ronald P. Mlcak

    39. Head Injury and Cerebral Disorders

    Paul Mathews

    40. Pediatric Thoracic Trauma

    Bradley Rodgers, Eugene D. McGahren

    41. Submersion Injury in Children

    John K. McGuire, Kristina H. Deeter

    42. Pediatric Poisoning

    Kathleen Bongiovanni

    43. Disorders of the Pleura

    Paul C. Stillwell

    44. Neurological and Neuromuscular Disorders

    Mary E. Hartman, Michael P. Czervinske


    45. Transport of Infants and Children

    Gary Sitler

    46. Home Care

    Sherry L. Barnhart
  • Brian K. Walsh, PhD, RRT-NPS, RRT-ACCS, RPFT, FAARC, Director, Respiratory Therapy Program, Professor of Health Sciences, Liberty University, Michael P. Czervinske, BSRT, RRT-NPS, Instructor, Neonatal and Pediatric Critical Care, Department of Respiratory Care Education, University of Kansas Medical Center, School of Allied Health, Kansas City, KS and Robert M. DiBlasi, RRT-NPS, Clinical Research Coordinator, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Research Institute, Department of Developmental Therapeutics, Department of Respiratory Therapy, Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center, Seattle, WA
Was $76.95
Now $73.10
Or $0.00 with a valid access code