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ISBN: 9781437708332
Page Count: 672
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $189.00

Netter's Surgical Anatomy and Approaches

by Conor P Delaney, MCh, PhD, FRSCI ( Gen), FACS


ISBN: 9781437708332
Page Count: 672
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $189.00
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Netter's Surgical Anatomy and Approaches is your quick reference to the key anatomical landmarks and operative techniques needed to best perform general surgical operative procedures! This one-of-a-kind resource combines the unmatched surgical anatomy illustrations of Frank H. Netter, MD with endoscopic, laparoscopic, and radiologic images - integrated with expert descriptions of each operative procedure - to provide a clear overview of the exposures, incision sites, surgically relevant landmarks, structures, fascial planes, and common anatomical variants and operative methods that are critical to your success in the operating room.

    • Vividly visualize the surgical anatomy you need to know through the uniquely detailed, memorable artwork of Dr. Netter, Carlos Machado, MD, and other anatomy illustrators working in the Netter tradition.
    • View surgical anatomy from a clinical perspective through photographs and endoscopic, laparoscopic, and radiologic images that capture important landmarks and anatomy and are integrated into an expert description of each operative procedure.
    • Access the complete contents online for quick look-ups, including videos of relevant surgical dissections to help you review approaches to common operations.
  • Contents

    Section 1 THE NECK

    1. Selective (Supraomohyoid) Neck Dissection, Levels I-III
    2. Tracheostomy and Cricothyroidotomy
    3. Section 2 ENDOCRINE

    4. Thyroidectomy and Parathyroidectomy
    5. Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy

    7. Esophagectomy
    8. Nissen Fundoplication
    9. Truncal Vagotomy and Highly Selective Vagotomy
    10. Gastrectomy
    11. Heineke-Mikulicz Pyloroplasty and Duodenotomy for Bleeding Ulcer
    12. Pyloric Stenosis
    13. Laparoscopic Roux en Y Gastric Bypass
    14. Section 4 HEPATOBILIARY

    15. Laparoscopic and Open Cholecystectomy
    16. Laparoscopic and Open Common Bile Duct Surgery and Choledochoduodenostomy
    17. Hepatectomy
    18. Distal Pancreatectomy
    19. Pancreaticoduodenectomy
    20. Splenectomy
    21. Organ Transplantation

    23. Laparoscopic and Open Appendectomy
    24. Abdominal Wall Anatomy and Ostomy Sites
    25. Right Hemicolectomy
    26. Left Hemicolectomy
    27. Transverse Colectomy
    28. Low Anterior Resection with Total Mesorectal Excision and Anastomosis
    29. Abdominoperineal Resection
    30. Hemorrhoids and Hemorrhoidectomy
    31. Sites of Perirectal Abscess and Fistula in Ano
    32. Section 6 HERNIA

    33. Open Inguinal Hernia Repair
    34. Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair
    35. Femoral Hernia Repair
    36. Open Ventral Hernia Repair
    37. Section 7 VASCULAR

    38. Exposure of the Carotid Bifurcation
    39. Aortic Exposure from the Midline Abdomen
    40. Exposure of the Superior Mesenteric Artery and Celiac Axis
    41. Upper Extremity Arteriovenous Access for Hemodialysis
    42. Femoral Exposure
    43. Exposure of the Common Femoral Artery and Vein
    44. Exposure of the Popiliteal Artery and Vein
    45. Above-Knee and Below-Knee Amputation

    47. Central Line Anatomy
    48. Arterial Line Anatomy
    49. Fasciotomy – Leg and Forearm
    50. Chest Tube Insertion
    51. Emergency Thoracotomy for Trauma
    52. Tracheal Intubation and Endoscopic Anatomy
    53. Section 9 BREAST and oncology

    54. Mastectomy
    55. Duct Excision
    56. Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy
    57. Axillary and Inguinal Lymphadenectomy
    58. Retroperitoneal Sarcoma
    59. Section 10 UROLOGY AND Gynecology

    60. Hysterectomy for benign and malignant conditions
    61. Oophrectomy for benign and malignant conditions
    62. Laparoscopic Transperitoneal Radical Nephrectomy
    63. Radical Prostatectomy
    64. Radical Cystectomy
  • Conor P Delaney, MCh, PhD, FRSCI ( Gen), FACS, Chairman, Digestive Disease and Surgery Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio
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