Study Guide for Pathophysiology for the Health Professions, 4th Edition

Study Guide for Pathophysiology for the Health Professions, 4th Edition


Master key pathophysiology concepts and apply them to the practice setting! Corresponding to the chapters in Pathophysiology for the Health Professions, 4th Edition, by Barbara E. Gould, MEd, and Ruthanna M. Dyer, PhD, this study guide offers a wide range of engaging activities to reinforce your understanding and practice your skills.

  • Labeling exercises challenge you to recall information by completing unmarked diagrams and charts.
  • Matching exercises test your knowledge of key terminology.
  • Definitions, rationale/application, and fill-in-the-blank questions let you apply your knowledge to more complex situations.
  • Crossword puzzles let you have fun using and becoming more familiar with vocabulary.
  • Compare/contrast charts challenge you to apply what you've learned by comparing and contrasting various types of diseases and disorders, medications, and complications.
  • The answer key for all of the activities is provided at the end of the study guide.

Section I:  Basic Concepts of Disease Processes

    • Introduction to Pathophysiology

    • Inflammation and Healing

    • Immunity and Abnormal Responses

    • Infection

    • Neoplasms

    • Fluid, Electrolyte and Acid-Base Imbalances

    Section II:  The Effects of Altered Status/Growth and Development on Disease Processes

    • Congenital and Genetic Disorders

    • Diseases Associated with Adolescence

    • The Relationship Between Pregnancy and DiseasePotential Complications of Pregnancy

    • Aging and Disease Processes

    • Effects of Immobility

    • The Influence of Stress

    • Pain

    • Substance Abuse

    • Environmental Hazards

    • Introduction to Basic Pharmacology and Selected Therapies

    Section III:  Pathophysiology of the Systems

    • Blood and Lymphatic Disorders

    • Cardiovascular Disorders

    • Respiratory Disorders

    • Digestive System Disorders

    • Urinary System Disorders

    • Acute Neurologic Disorders

    • Chronic Neurologic Disorders

    • Disorders of the Eye and Ear

    • Endocrine Disorders

    • Musculoskeletal Disorders

    • Skin Disorders

    • Reproductive System Disorders

    Answer Key

    Barbara E. Gould, MEd, Professor Emerita, School of Health Sciences, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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