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Nursing Calculations Online


Based on one of the world’s most popular drug calculations textbooks by Gatford and Phillips, Nursing Calculations Online is designed to help you understand the basic maths required to make safe drug dosage calculations.

Ideal for diverse learning styles and circumstances, Nursing Calculations Online can be used as a complete course or as an interactive course supplement. It teaches strong math skills using step-by-step examples. There is a mixture of worked examples and further practice questions with feedback. You can interact with the material by , entering answers to test questions and clicking through the associated feedback steps, as well as manipulating interactive syringes and nomograms.

This online course is unique, innovative and affordable. It combines dynamic content, practice and assessment into one resource that can be used in the classroom, home or anywhere you can access the Internet.

Nursing Calculations Online is organized into five modules:

    • A review of basic calculations (including a basic diagnostic test to identify areas of weakness)

    • Dosages of oral medications

    • Drug dosages for injections

    • Intravenous infusion

    • Paediatric dosages
    John D. Gatford, Mathematics teacher, Melbourne, Australia and Nicole Phillips, DipAppSci(Nsg) BN GDipAdvNsg(Educ) MNS PhD MRCNA, Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Deakin University, Victoria, Australia


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