ePractice Kit for Medical Front Office Skills with MedTrak Systems

ePractice Kit for Medical Front Office Skills with MedTrak Systems


From bestselling author Carol J. Buck, ePractice Kit for Medical Front Office Skills prepares you for your first Medical Assisting job by providing experience performing key tasks and using a real-world medical office program. Utilizing web-based MedTrak Systems, you will practice and gain proficiency with practice management and electronic health records software systems. By interacting with MedTrak software, you will learn to perform administrative duties such as scheduling, insurance billing, and setting up patient records. It’s the realistic experience you need to prepare for a successful medical office career!

      • 41 daily tasks guide students through a two-week internship/externship of medical front office skills, simulating a real-world experience of working in a medical office.
      • MedTrak Systems' web-based practice management with EHR software enables students to complete common daily tasks and gain experience with an integrated electronic medical office program.
      • A companion Evolve website includes actual examples of forms and documents to use in completing selected daily tasks.

      Day One

      • Pre-Task 1.1 Risk Management
      • Pre-Task 1.2 Routine Maintenance
      • Pre-Task 1.3 Introduction to South Padre Medical Center
      • Pre-Task 1.4 Software Orientation
      • Task 1.1 Preparing the Schedules
      • Task 1.2 Scheduling Walk Ins and Surgeries
      • Task 1.3 Entering Patient Data

      Day 2

      • Task 2.1 Printing Daily Schedules
      • Task 2.2 Scheduling Consultations and Hospital Admissions
      • Task 2.3 Locating Patient Data
      • Task 2.4 Scheduling Surgeries and Return Appointments

      Day 3

      • Task 3.1 Scheduling Appointments and Surgery
      • Task 3.2 Records Management
      • Task 3.3 Sorting Mail
      • Task 3.4 Petty Cash

      Day 4

      • Task 4.1 Accounts Receivable and Invoices
      • Task 4.2 Schedule Proofing and Revisions
      • Task 4.3 Attaching Documents
      • Task 4.4 Internet Research

      Day 5

      • Task 5.1 Matrixing and Managing External Documents
      • Task 5.2 Inventory Management
      • Task 5.3 Scheduling Nursing Home Services
      • Task 5.4 Preparing Invoices

      Day 6

      • Task 6.1 Arranging Physician Travel
      • Task 6.2 Responding to Telephone Messages
      • Task 6.3 Processing Pending Documents
      • Task 6.4 Patient Referrals

      Day 7

      • Task 7.1 Personal Check and Credit Card Payments
      • Task 7.2 Insurance Company Payments
      • Task 7.3 Preparing Deposits

      Day 8

      • Task 8.1 Adding Patients to the Database 
      • Task 8.2 Accessing and Printing Online Charts
      • Task 8.3 Recording and Totaling Daily Receipts
      • Task 8.4 Accessing NPIs and SSN

      Day 9

      • Task 9.1 Uploading EHR Documents
      • Task 9.2 Scheduling Call-Ins
      • Task 9.3 Processing Accounts Receivable

      Day Ten

      • Task 10.1 Uploading Documents
      • Task 10.2 Scheduling Appointments
      • Task 10.3 Updating Consultant NPIs
      • Task 10.4 Wrap-Up


      • A. Appointment Scheduling Guidelines
      • B. Business Directory
      • C. Exercise Answers
      Carol J. Buck, MS, CPC, CPC-H, CCS-P, Former Program Director, Medical Secretarial Programs, Northwest Technical College, East Grand Forks, MN


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