cover image - Virtual Medical Office for Kinn's the Medical Assistant,11th Edition
ISBN: 9781437727593
Page Count: 400
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $62.95

Virtual Medical Office for Kinn's the Medical Assistant,11th Edition

by Deborah B. Proctor, EdD, RN, CMA and Alexandra Patricia Adams, BBA, RMA, CMA (AAMA), MA
Simulations - VMO - Digital Workbook
cover image - Virtual Medical Office for Kinn's the Medical Assistant,11th Edition
ISBN: 9781437727593
Page Count: 400
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $62.95
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Develop the critical thinking and decision-making skills you need to confidently succeed in practice with Virtual Medical Office. This innovative learning system simulates the experience of working in a real medical office and integrates content from your Kinn's The Medical Assistant, 11th Edition textbook with an engaging study guide and interactive lessons to enable you to make decisions and learn from your mistakes in a realistic and completely safe environment.

      • Review key CAAHEP and ABHES competencies in professionalism, communication, and administrative tasks through 15 unique cases correlated directly to content in your textbook.
      • Learn how to process patients from check-in to check-out and familiarize yourself with the medical office environment with 2 hours of immersive video footage.
      • Experience realistic patient interaction and perfect your communication skills.
      • Practice working with realistic documents and information sources, including medical records, an office policy manual, a fee schedule, a daysheet, and more.
      • Perfect your critical thinking skills with active learning exercises.
      • Assess your progress and compare results with experts through integrated performance reviews.
      • Learn at your own pace with an easy-to-use interface that breaks lessons into manageable chunks.
      • Learn to spot common coding errors and gain a more comprehensive understanding of important HIPAA protocols.
      • Complete and submit your assignments online through Evolve for convenient review and assessment.

    • Getting Started

      Office Tour

      Lesson 1 Performing Other Professional Duties (Chapters 3, 4, and 5)

      Lesson 2 Telephone Techniques (Chapters 5 and 9)

      Lesson 3 Scheduling and Managing Appointments (Chapter 10)

      Lesson 4 Scheduling Admissions and Procedures (Chapters 10 and 14)

      Lesson 5 Maintaining a Proper Inventory (Chapters 12)

      Lesson 6 Written Communications (Chapter 13)

      Lesson 7 Organizing a PatientÕs Medical Record (Chapter 14 and 15)

      Lesson 8 Filing Medical Records (Chapter 14 and 15)

      Lesson 9 Insurance Forms and Verification (Chapters 18, 19, 20, and 21)

      Lesson 10 Bookkeeping (Chapters 22, 23, and 24)

      Lesson 11 Payroll Procedures (Chapter 24)

      Lesson 12 Standard Precautions and Biohazardous Materials (Chapter 27)

      Lesson 13 Handwashing (Chapter 27)

      Lesson 14 Obtaining and Documenting a Health History (Chapter 28)

      Lesson 15 Obtaining Vital Signs (Chapter 31)

      Lesson 16 Measuring Height and Weight (Chapter 31)

      Lesson 17 Preparing and Maintaining Examination and Treatment Areas (Chapter 32)

      Lesson 18 Preparing the Patient and Assisting with a Routine Physical Examination (Chapter 32)

      Lesson 19 Administering Parenteral Medications and Immunizations (Chapters 33, 34, and 35 )

      Lesson 20 Fecal Specimen Collection (Chapter 39)

      Lesson 21 Assisting with a Prenatal/ Gynecologic Examination (Chapter 41)

      Lesson 22 Assisting with a Pediatric Examination (Chapters 5 and 42)

      Lesson 23 Respiratory Testing (Chapter 46)

      Lesson 24 Electrocardiogram (Chapter 47 and 49)

      Lesson 25 Collecting Urine Specimens (Chapter 52)

      Lesson 26 Urinalysis (Chapter 51 and 52)

      Lesson 27 Obtaining Specimens for Microbiological Testing (Chapter 55)

      Lesson 28 Capillary and Venipuncture Procedures (Chapter 53)

      Lesson 29 Hematology Testing (Chapter 51, 53, and 54)

      Lesson 30 Performing Blood Chemistry Testing (Chapter 51 and 54)

      Lesson 31 Performing Immunology Testing (Chapter 41, 52, 55)

      Lesson 32 Wrapping Items for Sterilization (Chapter 56 and 57)

      Lesson 33 Assisting with Minor Office Surgery (Chapter 56 and 57)

    • Deborah B. Proctor, EdD, RN, CMA, Professor and Director, Medical Assisting Program, Butler County Community College, Butler, PA and Alexandra Patricia Adams, BBA, RMA, CMA (AAMA), MA, Adjunct Instructor, Everest College, Arlington Midcities Campus, Arlington, TX; Professional Writer, Grand Prairie, TX; Formerly, Director of Admissions, Parker College of Chiropractic, Dallas, TX; Formerly, Program Director, Medical Assisting/HIM Programs, Ultrasound Diagnostic School, Irving, TX
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