Simulation Learning System for LPN/LVN
Simulations - SLS

Simulation Learning System for LPN/LVN


The Simulation Learning System (SLS) integrates simulation technology into your LPN/LVN courses by providing realistic scenarios and supportive learning resources that correspond to Elsevier’s market-leading LPN/LVN textbooks. The SLS offers targeted reading assignments and critical thinking exercises to prepare you for the simulation experience; access to patient data with a shift report and fully-functional electronic medical record (EMR); post-simulation exercises including charting and documentation activities in the EMR, reflective journaling, and concept mapping; and review resources including animations, videos, and textbook references. Simulation with the SLS is a complete learning experience that bridges the gap between lecture and clinicals to prepare you for the real world of nursing. STUDENT ACCESS ONLY - INSTITUTIONAL LICENSE REQUIRED.

    • 35 simulation scenarios correspond to the deWit Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing, 4th Edition text:
      • 13 scenarios for Medical-Surgical Nursing
      • 4 scenarios for OB Nursing
      • 5 scenarios for Pediatric Nursing
      • 10 scenarios for Nursing Fundamentals
      • 3 scenarios for Psychiatric Nursing NEW!
    • Robust EHR platform (powered by SimChart) will now house the skills drills and patient records for simulation.
    • More than 180 skills drills give you additional opportunities to practice and master core skills prior to simulation. Each drill includes documentation exercises connected with the skill, so you’ll get more experience working within the EHR.
    • Pre- and post-simulation activities help you prepare and reinforce understanding after simulation.

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