cover image - Essential Clinical Procedures,3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781455707812
Page Count: 464
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $74.95

Essential Clinical Procedures, 3rd Edition

by Richard W. Dehn, MPA, PA-C and David P. Asprey, PhD, PA-C
cover image - Essential Clinical Procedures,3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781455707812
Page Count: 464
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $74.95
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Written by foremost experts in the field, the 3rd Edition of Essential Clinical Procedures presents the latest common diagnostic and treatment-related procedures that you need to know as a physician assistant! Clear and concise, this medical reference book leads you step-by-step through over 70 techniques commonly seen in primary care and specialist settings, equipping you to deliver the best and safest care to your patients.

    • Visualize procedures and other important concepts clearly through over 300 high-quality illustrations.
    • Ensure the safe execution of procedures with a focus on patient preparation and the proper use of instruments, as well as highlighted warnings to alert you to potential dangers that can occur when performing various treatments.
    • Be fully prepared for any situation with guidance on the possible complications, rationales, and precautions behind many common procedures.
    • Understand the ins and outs of nonprocedural issues, including informed consent, standard precautions, patient education, and procedure documentation.
    • Get all the hands-on guidance you need to provide safe and effective care to your patients with Essential Clinical Procedures!
    • Understand the "must-know" aspects of the most commonly seen conditions with a systematic presentation featuring consistent headings and supporting color images.
    • Quickly access core information through high-yield margin notes and consistent formatting across all chapters.
    • Stay abreast of the latest procedures with a brand-new chapter and images on Reduction of the Shoulder/Finger Subluxations, plus many other updates throughout.
    • Access the fully searchable text online at!
  • 1. Informed Consent

    2. Standard Precautions

    3. Sterile Technique

    4. Blood Pressure Measurement

    5. Venipuncture

    6. Obtaining Blood Cultures

    7. Inserting Intravenous Catheters

    8. Arterial Puncture

    9. Injections

    10. Recording an Electrocardiogram

    11. Exercise Stress Testing for the Primary Care Provider

    12. Endotracheal Intubation

    13. Office Pulmonary Function Testing

    14. Nasogastric Tube Placement

    15. Lumbar Puncture

    16. Urinary Bladder Catheterization

    17. Clinical Breast Examination

    18. The Pelvic Examination and Obtaining a Routine Papanicolaou’s Smear

    19. Examination of the Male Genitalia

    20. Joint and Bursal Aspiration

    21. Casting and Splinting

    22. Local Anesthesia

    23. Wound Closure

    24. Dermatologic Procedures

    25. Incision and Drainage of an Abscess

    26. Wound Dressing Techniques

    27. Cryosurgery

    28. Treating Ingrown Toenails

    29. Draining Subungual Hematomas

    30. Anoscopy

    31. Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

    32. Removal of Cerumen and Foreign Bodies from the Ear

    33. Corneal Abrasion and Ocular Foreign Body Removal

    34. Endometrial Biopsy

    35. Foot Examination of the Diabetic Patient

    36. Procedural Sedation

    37. Patient Education Concepts

    38. Outpatient Coding

    39. Documentation

    40. Giving Sad and Bad News
  • Richard W. Dehn, MPA, PA-C, Professor, College of Health and Human Services; Chair, Department of Physician Assistant Studies, Northern Arizona University Phoenix Biomedical Campus, Phoenix, Arizona and David P. Asprey, PhD, PA-C, Professor and Chair, Department of Physician Assistant Studies and Services, Assistant Dean, Office of Student Affairs and Curriculum, Carver College of Medicine, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
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