Workbook for Health Insurance Today, 4th Edition

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Workbook for Health Insurance Today, 4th Edition


Corresponding to the chapters in Health Insurance Today, 4th Edition, this workbook lets you practice the skills you will need to succeed as a health insurance professional. Practical assignments reinforce the information in the text, and learning activities and exercises challenge you to apply your knowledge to real-world situations.

    • Case studies ask you to solve a real-world problem related to health insurance, such as completing a CMS-1500 claim form or explaining how HIPAA could affect someone recently out of work.
      • Critical Thinking activities strengthen your ability to apply health insurance concepts to a variety of challenging situations.
        • Performance objectives include hands-on, application-based learning activities in areas such as completing claim forms, posting payments to a patient's ledger, filling out Release to Return to Work forms, and filling out Medicare appeals.
          • Chapter assessments test your knowledge of text content with multiple choice, true/false, short answer, fill-in-the-blank, and matching questions.
            • Application exercises ask you to apply your knowledge and skills to real-world situations.
              • Defining Chapter Terms help you review and understand key terms in each chapter.
                • Problem solving/collaborative (group) activities emphasize the importance of teamwork in the health care field.
                  • In-class projects and discussion topics enhance your understanding of specific content from the text.
                    • Internet Exploration exercises in each chapter help you learn how to perform research online.
                      • NEW! Key coverage of new topics includes medical identity theft and prevention, National Quality Forum (NQF) patient safety measures, ACSX12 Version 5010 HIPAA transaction standards, EMS rule on mandatory electronic claims submission, and standards and implementation specifications for electronic health record technology.
                      • UPDATED! Additional ICD-10 coding content prepares you for the upcoming switch to the new coding system.
                        • UPDATED! Medicare chapter reflects updates and changes from the new presidential administration.

                        Unit 1: Building a Foundation

                        1. The Origins of Health Insurance

                        2. Tools of the Trade: A Career as a Health (Medical) Insurance Professional

                        3. The Legal and Ethical Side of Medical Insurance

                        4. Types and Sources of Health Insurance

                        Unit 2: Health Insurance Basics

                        5. Claim Submission Methods

                        6. Traditional Fee-For-Service/Private Plans

                        7. Unraveling the Mysteries of Managed Care

                        8. Understanding Medicaid

                        9. Conquering Medicare's Challenges

                        10. Military Carriers

                        11. Miscellaneous Carriers: Worker's Compensation and Disability Insurance

                        Unit 3: Cracking the Codes

                        12. Diagnostic Coding

                        13. Procedural, Evaluation & Management and HCPCS Coding

                        Unit 4: The Claims Process

                        14. The Patient

                        15. The Claim

                        Unit 5: Advanced Application

                        16. The Role of Computers in Health Insurance

                        17. Reimbursement Procedures: Getting Paid

                        18. Hospital Claim Form: The UB-04

                        Janet I. Beik, AA, BA, MEd, Southeastern Community College (retired), Administrative Instructor, Medical Assistant Program, West Burlington, IA, USA


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