ISBN: 9781455708239
Page Count: 4
Imprint: Saunders
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Medical Insurance Online for Health Insurance Today, 4th Edition

by Janet I. Beik, AA, BA, MEd
Online Course
ISBN: 9781455708239
Page Count: 4
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $59.95
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Newly revised to follow the 4th edition of Health Insurance Today, Medical Insurance Online is a practical, user-friendly online course that prepares you for a successful career as a health insurance professional. Eighteen online learning modules correspond to the 18 chapters in the text and offer short instructional segments followed by numerous application activities based on medical records from real-life case studies. You’ll gain valuable experience with extracting information from the patient's chart, completing the CMS-1500, electronic claims filing, HIPAA, electronic health records, and the latest industry standards.

Duration for access to this product is for the life of the edition.

    • Interactive exercises and activities — including multiple-choice, matching, short answer, image analysis, true or false, and case studies — offer multiple opportunities to recall and apply medical insurance concepts such as the cycle, organization, and completion of the claim form.
    • Online modules correspond to each chapter of the text, making the course easier to follow.
    • Medical records accompany training activities, challenging you to look for information in the medical record and practice abstracting relevant information from the patient's chart.
    • An extensive glossary allows you to click on a term and read the definition at any time during the course.
    • The text and online course connect seamlessly with engaging graphics, inviting elements, and vibrant colors, for a more interesting and educational experience.
    • Automatically scored and graded quizzes and exams allow you to evaluate your mastery of each module's content.
    • Clear directions help you navigate through the modules and complete the course.
    • Reading assignments from the text for each lesson clearly connect textbook content with application and hands-on learning in the online course.
    • Tell us what you think! At the end of the course, you'll be offered a brief survey regarding your opinion of the features and usability of the course. Your constructive feedback helps us continue to improve our online courses.
    • Updated screens, content, and reading assignments correspond to Health Insurance Today, 4th Edition.

    1. The Origins of Health Insurance
    2. Tools of the Trade: A Career as a Health (Medical) Insurance Professional
    3. The Legal and Ethical Side of Medical Insurance
    4. Types and Sources of Health Insurance
    5. Claim Submission Methods
    6. Traditional Fee-for-Service/Private Plans
    7. Unraveling the Mysteries of Managed Care
    8. Understanding Medicaid
    9. Conquering Medicare’s Challenges
    10. Military Carriers
    11. Miscellaneous Carriers: Workers’ Compensation and Disability Insurance
    12. Diagnostic Coding
    13. Procedural, E&M, and HCPCS Coding
    14. The Patient
    15. The Claim
    16. The Role of Computers in Health Insurance
    17. Reimbursement Procedures: Getting Paid
    18. Hospital Billing and the UB-04
  • Janet I. Beik, AA, BA, MEd, Southeastern Community College (retired), Administrative Instructor, Medical Assistant Program, West Burlington, IA, USA
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