ISBN: 9781455708390
Page Count: 4
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $59.95

Medical Terminology Online for Building a Medical Vocabulary (eCommerce Version), 8th Edition

by Peggy C. Leonard, BA, MT, MEd
Online Course
ISBN: 9781455708390
Page Count: 4
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $59.95
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Reinforce your understanding of medical terminology and apply your knowledge to the clinical setting! Corresponding to Building a Medical Vocabulary, 8th Edition, by Peggy C. Leonard, this online course supplements the textbook with interactive exercises, dynamic animations, and narrated slide shows. Word definitions and audio pronunciations include the newest healthcare terms and abbreviations. Together with the text, Medical Terminology Online will strengthen your skills in using medical vocabulary and in communicating effectively with patients and other providers.

    • Outcome-based modules and assessments guide you toward learning objectives and help in assessing your progress.
    • Interactive exercises help you recall and recognize medical terms with word building, identification, spelling, pronunciation, matching, multiple choice, true or false, fill-in-blank, labeling, and case studies.
    • More than 900 anatomical and disease and disorder illustrations clarify concepts and reinforce your understanding.
    • Over 25 animations accompanied by audio narrations demonstrate physiologic processes.
    • Online activities provide opportunities to learn about specific topics by linking to related websites.
    • Medical record activities test your knowledge of the medical terminology used in actual patient records.
    • Catch That? activities encourage immediate retention of knowledge.
    • 5,000-term glossary includes definitions and pronunciations in English and Spanish. 
    • Spanish translations of glossary terms help you better communicate with Spanish-speaking patients and health care providers.
    • Exams in each module assess your knowledge and help you identify areas for further study.
    • New terms and abbreviations reflect the advances in technology and changes in today's healthcare delivery system.
    • New activities including Take It In and medical records with embedded questions further enhance the learning experience.
  • Introductory Chapters

    1. Tools for Building Medical Terms

    2. Building on Familiar Terms

    3. Diagnostic, Therapeutic, and Surgical Terms

    4. Diseases and Disorders

    5. Prefixes

    6. Organization of the Body

    7. Body Fluids and Immunity

    Body Systems Chapters

    8. Circulatory System

    9. Respiratory System

    10. Digestive System

    11. Urinary System

    12. Reproductive System

    13. Reproduction and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    14. Musculoskeletal System

    15. Nervous System and Psychological Disorders

    16. Integumentary System

    17. Endocrine System

    18. Review of All Chapters

  • Peggy C. Leonard, BA, MT, MEd, Chesterfield, MO
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