cover image - Human Embryology and Developmental Biology,5th Edition
ISBN: 9781455727940
Page Count: 520
Imprint: Saunders
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Human Embryology and Developmental Biology,5th Edition

by Bruce M. Carlson, MD, PhD
cover image - Human Embryology and Developmental Biology,5th Edition
ISBN: 9781455727940
Page Count: 520
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $78.95
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Master the concepts you need to know with Human Embryology and Developmental Biology. Dr. Bruce M. Carlson's clear explanations provide an easy-to-follow "road map" through the most up-to-date scientific knowledge, giving you a deeper understanding of the key information you need to know for your courses, exams, and ultimately clinical practice.

    • Visualize normal and abnormal development with hundreds of superb clinical photos and embryological drawings.
    • Access the fully searchable text online, view animations, answer self-assessment questions, and much more at
    • Grasp the molecular basis of embryology, including the processes of branching and folding - essential knowledge for determining the root of many abnormalities.
    • Understand the clinical manifestations of developmental abnormalities with clinical vignettes and Clinical Correlations boxes throughout.
  • Developmental Tables

    Carnegie Stages of Early Human Embryonic Development (Weeks 1-8)

    Major Developmental Events During the Fetal Period

    PART I Early Development and the Fetal-Maternal Relationship

    Getting Ready for Pregnancy
    Preparation of the Female Reproductive Tract For Pregnancy
    Hormonal Interaction Involved with Reproduction in Males

    Transport of Gametes and Fertilization
    Ovulation and Egg and Sperm Transport

    Cleavage and Implantation
    Embryo Transport and Implantation

    Molecular Basis for Embryonic Development
    Transcription Factors
    Signaling Molecules
    Receptor Molecules
    Signal Transduction
    Retinoic Acid
    Developmental Genes and Cancer

    Formation of Germ Layers and Early Derivatives
    Two-Germ-Layer Stage
    Gastrulation and the Three Embryonic Germ Layers
    Induction of the Nervous System
    Cell Adhesion Molecules

    Establishment of the Basic Embryonic Body Plan
    Development of the Ectodermal Germ Layer
    Development of the Mesodermal Germ Layer
    Development of the Endodermal Germ Layer
    Basic Structure of 4-Week Old Embryo

    Placenta and Extraembryonic Membranes
    Extraembryonic Tissues
    Chorion and Placenta
    Placental Physiology
    Placenta and Membranes in Multiple Pregnancies

    Developmental Disorders: Causes, Mechanisms, and Patterns
    General Principles
    Causes of Malformations
    Developmental Disturbances Resulting in Malformations

    PART II Development of the Body Systems

    Integumentary, Skeletal and Muscular Systems
    Integumentary System
    Muscular System

    CHAPTER 10
    Limb Development
    Initiation of Limb Development
    Regulative Properties and Axial Determination
    Outgrowth of Limb Bud
    Morphogenetic Control of Early Limb Development
    Development of Limb Tissues

    CHAPTER 11
    Nervous System
    Establishment of Nervous System
    Early Shaping of Nervous System
    Histogenesis Within the Central Nervous System
    Craniocaudal Pattern Formation and Segmentation
    Peripheral Nervous System
    Autonomic Nervous System
    Later Structural Changes in the Central Nervous System
    Ventricles, Meninges, and Cerebrospinal Fluid Formation
    Cranial Nerves
    Development of Neural Function

    CHAPTER 12
    Neural Crest
    Origins of Neural Crest
    Migrations of Neural Crest
    Differentiation of Neural Crest Cells
    Major Divisions of Neural Crest

    CHAPTER 13
    Sense Organs

    CHAPTER 14
    Head and Neck
    Early Development of Head and Neck
    Establishing the Pattern of the Craniofacial Region
    Development of Facial Region
    Formation of the Teeth
    Development of Pharynx and Its Derivatives

    CHAPTER 15
    Digestive and Respiratory Systems and Body Cavities
    Digestive System
    Respiratory System
    Body Cavities

    CHAPTER 16
    Urogenital System
    Urinary System
    Genital System
    Sexual Duct System
    External Genitalia

    CHAPTER 17
    Cardiovascular System
    Developmental of Blood and the Vascular System
    Developmental and Partitioning of Heart
    Fetal Circulation

    CHAPTER 18
    Fetal Period and Birth
    Growth and Form of Fetus
    Fetal Physiology
    Adaptations to Postnatal Life

    Answers to Clinical Vignettes and Review Questions

  • Bruce M. Carlson, MD, PhD, Professor, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology; Director, Institute of Gerontology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
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