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Saunders Math Skills for Health Professionals - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource (Retail Access Card)


Plenty of examples, practice problems, and learning tools provide the perfect math review for health professionals! With just the right level of content and highly illustrated example problems, this user-friendly worktext helps you learn and understand fundamental math principles and understand how they apply to patient care.
  • UNIQUE! Full-color format highlights key information on setting up problems, understanding parts of equations, moving decimal points, and more.
  • Spiral bound format with plenty of white space allows you to use the text as a workbook in which you can write your answers and work out problems.
  • Consistent chapter formats make it easy to retain information and identify important content.
  • Chapter objectives emphasize what you should learn from each chapter and how your knowledge applies to patient care.
  • Key terms defined at the beginning of each chapter help you understand new vocabulary in the text.
  • Chapter overviews introduce you to the topics discussed in the chapter.
  • Example problems demonstrate and label each step to getting a solution and show you how to solve similar problems.
  • Practice the Skill problems incorporated within the chapter for in-class discussion allow you to practice what you’ve learned before receiving homework assignments.
  • Math in the Real World boxes include word problems that apply your knowledge to everyday life as well as common healthcare situations.
  • Strategy boxes demonstrate the steps to solving topic problems and provide a helpful example for solving more problems.
  • Human Error boxes include hints on common errors and show you how to double-check your answers.
  • Math Etiquette boxes help you solve problems by presenting proper math rules.
  • Chapter quizzes allow you to assess your learning and identify areas for further study.
1. Basic Math Review

2. Roman Numerals and Military Time

3. Fractions

4. Word Problems, Percentages, and Decimals

5. Ratios and Proportions

6. General Accounting

7. The Metric System

8. U.S. Customary Units and the Apothecary System

9. Application of Measurement and Dose Conversion

10. Power of Ten

11. Introduction to Statistics

12. Graphs: Tool of Organization
Rebecca Hickey, RN, RMC, AHI, CHI, Rebecca Wallace Hickey, RN
Secondary Health Tech Instructor
Butler Technology and Career Development Schools
Fairfield Township, Ohio
Adjunct Instructor, Office Information Technology Program
University of Cincinnati - Raymond Walters Campus
Cincinnati, Ohio
Registered Nurse
Liberty Urgent Care
Liberty Township, Ohio
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