Medical Terminology Online for Quick & Easy Medical Terminology (eCommerce Version), 7th Edition
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Medical Terminology Online for Quick & Easy Medical Terminology (eCommerce Version), 7th Edition


Learn medical terminology the "quick and easy" way! Corresponding to Quick & Easy Medical Terminology, 7th Edition, by Peggy C. Leonard, this online course supplements the textbook with interactive exercises, dynamic animations, and narrated slide shows. Information is presented in small segments, making it easier to learn the building blocks of medical terminology. Together with the text, Medical Terminology Online helps you master the basics needed to communicate effectively in the health care environment.

    • Outcome-based learning includes objectives for each module, with an assessment quiz after each section to determine whether you have achieved the desired outcome/objective.
    • Over 600 drawings and graphics visually reinforce learning with many more illustrations than are included in the textbook.
    • Interactive exercises help you recall and recognize medical terms through word building, labeling, spelling, image association, pronunciation, matching, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, and case studies.
    • Medical records activities help you become familiar with entries and terminology in the medical record.
    • Threaded case studies follow patients with particular medical conditions throughout an entire module to show the real-life applications of medical terminology.
    • End-of-module exams assess your mastery of the material, with scores automatically sent to the instructor.
    • Glossary of over 5,000 terms includes definitions and pronunciations in English and Spanish.
      • NEW Take It In activity asks you to read a clinical vignette and immediately answer questions, helping you understand and use medical terminology in context.
      • Enhanced interface and exercises improve learning with word building, spelling, pronunciation, matching, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, labeling, and case studies.
      • UPDATED terms and abbreviations reflect advances in technology and changes in the healthcare delivery system.
      • NEW! Larger screen area makes it easier to view illustrations, play animations, and do activities.

        1. Simplified Medical Language

        2. Suffixes and Combining Forms Made Easy

        3. Essential Prefixes and More

        4. Diagnostic Procedures and Therapeutic Interventions

        5. The Body as a Whole

        6. Musculoskeletal System

        7. Circulatory System

        8. Respiratory System

        9. Digestive System

        10. Urinary System

        11. Reproductive System

        12. Integumentary System

        13. Nervous System and Psychologic Disorders

        14. Special Senses NEW!

        15. Endocrine System

        Peggy C. Leonard, BA, MT, MEd, Chesterfield, MO


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