Atlas of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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Atlas of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Enhance your OMS surgical skills with Atlas of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery! This practical guide, written by respected international contributors and edited by OMS experts Deepak Kademani and Paul Tiwana, offers detailed, step-by-step instructions and over 2,000 full-color illustrations that demonstrate how to plan for and perform oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures safely and efficiently. Comprehensive coverage addresses the broad scope of the specialty, ranging from the surgical anatomy of the head and neck to oral surgery, implant surgery, orthognathic and craniofacial surgery, cleft lip and palate, craniomaxillofacial trauma, management of head and neck surgery, reconstructive procedures, TMJ surgery, and aesthetic facial surgery.

    • A comprehensive approach to OMS operative procedures offers practical guidance to the management of patients with oral and maxillofacial disorders, with each surgical procedure chapter approximately six to eight pages in length and covering the following topics: armamentarium, history of the procedure, indications for use of the procedure, limitations and contraindications, technique, alternate or modified technique, avoidance and management of intraoperative complications, and postoperative considerations.
    • Detailed, step-by-step approach shows how to perform OMS surgical procedures safely and efficiently. 
    • Coverage of alternative and modified techniques addresses options other than the standard techniques.
    • A full-color design makes the text easier to navigate.
    • Expert, international contributors provide authoritative guidance on the OMS procedures they typically perform.

    Section 1: Surgical Anatomy of Head & Neck 1. The Cranium and Skull Base   John Phelan and Laurence D. Pfeiffer 2. The Orbit and Eye   Alan Herford 3. The Paranasal Sinuses   Shyam Prasad Aravindaksha 4. Auditory System   Peter S. Roland 5. The Mouth, Jaws, and Face   Christopher Morris 6. The Salivary Glands   Melvyn Yeoh and Andrew Meram 7. The Neck   Jeff Dean 8. Facial Spaces   Joseph E. Cillo Jr. 9. Embryology of the Head and Neck   Janine Prange-Kiel

    Section 2: Oral Surgery 10. Extraction of Erupted Teeth   Carrie Klene 11. Impacted Teeth   Mary Ann Sabino and Benjaman Brown 12. Canine Exposure   Pamela J. Hughes and Shravan Renapurkar 13. Alveoloplasty   Stephanie Joy Drew 14. Palatal Torus & Lingual Tori Removal   Greg Ness 15. Apicoectomy   Peter Franco and Vasiliki Karlis 16. Lingual Nerve & Inferior Alveolar Nerve Repair   Leon Assael 17. Odontogenic Infection   Omar Abubaker and David Lui 18. Vestibuloplasty   Vincent J. Perciaccante and Sam E. Farish

    Section 3: Implant Surgery 19. Endosseous Dental Implants   Gil Triplett 20. Site Preservation and Ridge Augmentation   Tara L. Aghaloo 21. Alveolar Distraction   Ole Jensen and Zvi Laster 22. Sinus Lifting   Patrick Louis 23. Endosseous Craniofacial Implants   Sabine Girod 24. Implants in Microvascular Flaps   Daniel Buchbinder and Devin Okay 25. Implant Salvage Procedures   Christian Andrew Loestcher 26. Prosthodontic and Temporization and Procedures in Implant Surgery   Edward Schlissel 27. Periodontal Procedures in Implant Surgery   Jim Hinrichs

    Section 4: Orthognathic and Craniofacial Surgery 28. Facial Analysis Computer Assisted Planning in Correction of the Facial Skeleton   Stephanie Joy Drew Mandibular Surgery 29. Genioplasty   Ron Caloss 30. Mandibular Subapical   Paulo Jose Medeiros 31. I/EVRO   Samuel J. McKenna 32. Inverted L   Joseph Edward Van Sickels 33. BSSO   Joseph Edward Van Sickels Maxillary Surgery 34. Mandible Distraction in Infancy   Jocelyn M. Shand 35. Mandible Distraction for Cranial Conditions   Cesar Guerrero 36. The Anterior Segmental Maxillary Osteotomy   Dror M. Allon and Neeraj Panchal 37. SARPE   Jessica Lee 38. Le Fort I Osteotomy   Pushkar Mehra 39. Lefort I Osteotomy Segmental   Peter Waite 40. Maxillary intraoral distraction osteogenesis   Cesar Guerrero 41. Model Surgery Planning   Joseph John Fantuzzo 42. Combined Maxillary and Mandibular Surgery   Vincent J. Perciaccante and Robert A. Bays Craniofacial Surgery 43. Fronto-Orbital Advancement & Anterior Cranial Vault Remodeling   Paul Tiwana and Ramon L. Ruiz 44. Posterior Cranial Vault Remodeling   Douglas Sinn and Patrick Dalton 45. Total Cranial Vault Remodeling   Andrew Alistair Heggie and Tony Holmes 46. Le Fort III   Paul Tiwana, Tim Turvey and Carolyn Dicus Brookes 47. Orbital Box Osteotomies (translocation)   Likith V. Reddy 48. Monobloc and Bipartition   Jeffrey C. Posnick and Paul Tiwana 49. Techniques for Skull Base and Cervical Spine Access   James B. Holton

    Section 5: Cleft Lip and Palate 50. Unilateral Cheilorhinoplasty   David S. Precious 51. Bilateral Cheilorhinoplasty   Ghali Ghali 52. Cleft Palate   Kevin Smith and David Gailey 53. Techniques in Bone Grafting the Cleft Maxilla   Tim Turvey, Brent

    Deepak Kademani and Paul Tiwana


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