ISBN: 9781455754410
Page Count: 1152
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $121.00

Orthopedic Physical Assessment- Elsevier eBook on Intel Education Study, 5th Edition

by David J. Magee, BPT, PhD, CM
Elsevier eBook on Intel Education Study
ISBN: 9781455754410
Page Count: 1152
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $121.00
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Newly updated, this full-color resource offers a systematic approach to performing a neuromusculoskeletal assessment with rationales for various aspects of the assessment. This comprehensive text covers every joint of the body, head and face, gait, posture, emergency care, the principles of assessment, and preparticipation evaluation. The latest edition of this core text is the essential cornerstone in the new four-volume musculoskeletal rehabilitation series.
    • Thorough, evidence-based content provides the information and detail you need to select the best diagnostic tests.
    • Extensively updated information incorporates the latest research and most current practices.
    • Case Studies help you apply what you learn from the book to real life situations.
    • Tables and boxes throughout the text organize and summarize important information and highlight key points.
    • Chapter Summaries review the assessment procedures for each chapter to help you find important information quickly.
    • Case Histories in each chapter demonstrate assessment skills to help you apply them in practice.
    • Reliability and validity of tests and techniques included throughout help you choose assessment methods supported by current evidence.
    • A new full-color design clearly demonstrates assessment methods, a variety of tests, and causes of pathology.
    • A Companion CD-ROM with all of the references from the text linked to MedLine abstracts reinforces concepts from the book.
    • Primary Care Assessment chapter includes the latest information on the constantly evolving state of physical therapy practice.
    • Includes the most current information on the assessment of the cervical spine, hip, posture, and foot and ankle to keep you up to date on current methods of practice.
  • 1. Principles and concepts

    2. Head and face

    3. Cervical spine

    4. Temporomandibular joint

    5. Shoulder

    6. Elbow

    7. Forearm, wrist, and hand

    8. Thoracic (dorsal) spine

    9. Lumbar spine

    10. Pelvis

    11. Hip

    12. Knee

    13. Lower leg, ankle, and foot

    14. Assessment of gait

    15. Assessment of posture

    16. Assessment of the amputee

    17. Primary Care Assessment

    18. Emergency Sports Assessment
  • David J. Magee, BPT, PhD, CM, Professor
    Department of Physical Therapy
    Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
    University of Alberta
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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