Goldman's Cecil Medicine - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource (Retail Access Card), 24th Edition

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Goldman's Cecil Medicine - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource (Retail Access Card), 24th Edition


Since 1927, Goldman’s Cecil Medicine has been the world’s most influential internal medicine reference. Edited by Lee Goldman, MD and Andrew I. Schafer, MD, with associate editors and contributors who number among the most recognized and respected authorities in the field, Cecil continues to set the standard for all other resources of its kind. This dynamic, multi-media reference - with its practical, straight-forward style, accessible organization, evidence-ranked references, and robust online content - is quite simply the fastest and best place to find all of the authoritative, state-of-the-art clinical answers you need.

  • Stay on the cutting edge with updates personally selected by Dr. Lee Goldman and regularly integrated directly into each chapter online. More than 400 updates have been made since publication.

  • Simplify and expedite decision making with practical, well-organized, templated chapters that include evidence-ranked references and algorithms to make clinically essential information leap right off the page.
  • Stay current with the latest knowledge and evidence-based practices. Comprehensive updates throughout include a brand-new chapter on "Applications of Molecular Technologies to Clinical Medicine," a completely revamped section on infectious diseases, and coverage of the very latest cardiovascular techniques and treatments.

  • Be certain with expert, dependable, accurate answers from Dr. Goldman and an editorial team that is a veritable "who's who" of modern medicine - including Jeffrey Drazen, MD, Editor-in-Chief of the New England Journal of Medicine and new associate editor Wendy Levinson, MD, 2009-2010 Chair of the Board of Directors of the American Board of Internal Medicine. Almost all contributors currently hold positions as Chairs of Internal Medicine departments around the U.S. and Canada and all are at the forefront of their respective subspecialty areas.

  • Reference information more quickly thanks to a new, streamlined print format and easily searchable online access to supplemental figures, tables, algorithms, additional references, and expanded discussions as well as procedural videos, Seldom Asked Questions, and case studies.

Cecil medicine, 24th edition

Edited by Lee Goldman and Andrew I. Schafer

Part 1: Social and Ethical Issues in Medicine

1: Approach to Medicine, the Patient, and the Medical Profession: Medicine as a Learned and Humane Profession

Lee Goldman

Editor: Goldman, Lee

2: Bioethics in the Practice of Medicine

Ezekiel Emanuel

Editor: Goldman, Lee

3: Care of Dying Patients and Their Families

Robert Arnold

Editor: Goldman, Lee

4: Cultural Context of Medicine

Victoria M. Taylor

Editor: Goldman, Lee

5: Socioeconomic Issues in Medicine

Steven Schroeder

Editor: Goldman, Lee

Part 2: Principles of Evaluation and Management

6: Approach to the Patient: History and Physical Examination

David Simel

Editor: Goldman, Lee

7: Approach to the Patient with Abnormal Vital Signs

David L. Schriger

Editor: Goldman, Lee

8: Statistical Interpretation of Data

Thomas Newman;Charles McCulloch

Editor: Goldman, Lee

9: Using Data for Clinical Decisions

Thomas Lee

Editor: Goldman, Lee

10: Measuring Health and Health Care

Stephan D. Fihn

Editor: Goldman, Lee

11: Quality of Care and Safety of Patients

Robert Wachter

Editor: Goldman, Lee

12: Comprehensive Chronic Disease Management

Edward H. Wagner

Editor: Goldman, Lee

Part 3: Preventive and Environmental Issues

13: Counseling and Advising for Behavior Changes

F. Daniel Duffy

Editor: Goldman, Lee

14: The Periodic Health Examination

David Atkins

Editor: Goldman, Lee

15: Physical Activity

David M. Buchner

Editor: Goldman, Lee

16: Adolescent Medicine

Debra Katzman;Lawrence Neinstein

Editor: Goldman, Lee

17: Immunization

Walter Orenstein;William Atkinson

Editor: Goldman, Lee

18: Principles of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Mark R. Cullen

Editor: Goldman, Lee

19: Radiation Injury

Arthur Upton

Editor: Goldman, Lee

20: Bioterrorism

John G. Bartlett

Editor: Goldman, Lee

21: Chronic Poisoning: Trace Metals and Others

Michael A McGuigan

Editor: Goldman, Lee

Part 4: Aging and Geriatric Medicine

22: Epidemiology of Aging: Implications of the Aging Society

Linda Fried

Editor: Goldman, Lee

23: Geriatric Assessment

David B. Reuben

Editor: Goldman, Lee

24: Common Clinical Sequelae of Aging

Kenneth Minaker

Editor: Goldman, Lee

25: Incontinence

Neil Resnick

Editor: Goldman, Lee

26: Neuropsychiatric Aspects of Aging

Sharon Inouye

Editor: Goldman, Lee

27: Delirium and Other Mental Status Problems in the Older Patient

Sharon Inouye

Editor: Goldman, Lee

Part 5: Clinical Pharmacology

28: Principles of Drug Therapy

Robert Diasio

Editor: Schafer, Andrew

29: Pain

Srinivasa N Raja;Steven P Cohen

Editor: Schafer, Andrew

30: Biology of Addiction

Steven E. Hyman

Editor: Schafer, Andrew

31: Nicotine and Tobacco

Tony P. George

Editor: Schafer, Andrew

32: Alcohol Abuse and Dependence

Patrick O'Connor

Editor: Schafer, Andrew

33: Drug Abuse and Dependence

Roger Weiss

Editor: Schafer, Andrew

34: Immunosuppressive Drugs, Including Corticosteroids

Grant Cannon

Editor: Schafer, Andrew

Lee Goldman, MD, Harold and Margaret Hatch Professor, Executive Vice President and Dean of the Faculties of Health Sciences and Medicine, Chief Executive, Columbia University Medical Center, Columbia University, New York, New York and Andrew I. Schafer, MD, Professor of Medicine, Director, Richard T. Silver Center for Myeloproliferative Neoplasms, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, New York
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