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cover image - Hollinshead's Functional Anatomy of the Limbs and Back - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource,9th Edition
ISBN: 9781455757596
Page Count: 464
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $75.99

Hollinshead's Functional Anatomy of the Limbs and Back - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource, 9th Edition

by David B. Jenkins, PhD

Elsevier eBook on VitalSource

cover image - Hollinshead's Functional Anatomy of the Limbs and Back - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource,9th Edition
ISBN: 9781455757596
Page Count: 464
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $75.99
Was $75.99
Now $60.79
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Learn everything you need to know about the anatomy of the limbs and back and how to apply the material to everyday activities and movements with this updated edition of the classic text. This user-friendly book is packed with detailed quick-reference tables and newly revised illustrations. Take advantage of expanded study questions and exercises at the end of each chapter to actively engage yourself in the learning process and enhance your comprehension of the material. Understanding the functional and clinical relevance of musculoskeletal anatomy has never been easier!
    • Well-rounded, detailed coverage of the musculoskeletal system includes information on the head, neck, thorax, abdomen, and pelvis.
    • Easy-to-understand, flowing text is presented in paragraph form.
    • Abundant tables on muscles and nerves condense the information in the text for easy reference.
    • Detailed discussions of specific movements focus on individual joints and muscles.
    • A glossary provides a quick reference for useful terms.
    • Evolve online resources for students and instructors include an image bank, test bank, Archie animations, and anatomy labeling exercises.
    • UPDATED!! Clear, concise, and informative color illustrations enable you to better interpret the text.
    • MORE Functional/Clinical Notes highlight the applications and importance of the material.
    • MORE Analyses of Activities and Associated Movements boxes help you apply the anatomical information on movements and muscles to everyday life.
    • EXPANDED information on surface anatomy describes palpable structures and how to “visualize” anatomy through the skin.
    • MORE Review Questions and Exercises are provided at the end of each chapter to enhance your level of comprehension.

    Chapter 1 Anatomical Terminology

    Chapter 2 Tissues of the Body

    Chapter 3 Organs and Organ Systems


    Chapter 4 General Survey of the Upper Limb

    Chapter 5 The Shoulder

    Chapter 6 The Arm

    Chapter 7 Forearm and Hand: General Considerations

    Chapter 8 Flexor Forearms

    Chapter 9 Extensor Forearm

    Chapter 10 Radioulnar and Wrist Movements

    Chapter 11 The Hand

    Chapter 12 Movement of the Digits


    Chapter 13 The Back


    Chapter 14 General Survey of the Lower Limb

    Chapter 15 The Bony Pelvis, Femur, and Hip Joint

    Chapter 16 The Thigh and Knee

    Chapter 17 Gluteal Region and Posterior Thigh

    Chapter 18 Movements of the Thigh and Leg

    Chapter 19 The Leg

    Chapter 20 The Foot


    Chapter 21 The Head and Neck

    Chapter 22 The Thorax

    Chapter 23 The Abdomen and Pelvis

    Suggested Readings

  • David B. Jenkins, PhD, Chair, Department of Growth, Development, and Structure; Head, Section of Anatomy; School of Dental Medicine; Southern Illinois University, Alton, IL
Was $75.99
Now $60.79
Or $0.00 with a valid access code