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cover image - Saunders Nursing Drug Handbook 2013 - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource
ISBN: 9781455758197
Page Count: 1552
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $42.95

Saunders Nursing Drug Handbook 2013 - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource

by Barbara B. Hodgson, RN, OCN and Robert J. Kizior, BS, RPh

Elsevier eBook on VitalSource

cover image - Saunders Nursing Drug Handbook 2013 - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource
ISBN: 9781455758197
Page Count: 1552
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $42.95
Was $42.95
Now $40.80
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An easy-to-use reference for thousands of medications, Saunders Nursing Drug Handbook 2013 promotes safe patient care by guiding you through clinical priorities and providing comprehensive coverage of IV drug administration. It also helps you prevent medication errors with Black Box Alerts, information on drug dosages for combination drugs, and key nursing considerations. Side effects are separated by their frequency. Written by oncology nurse Barbara Hodgson and hospital pharmacist Robert Kizior, this handbook is organized alphabetically by generic drug name for quick access to essential information. It’s ideal for the busy nurse!

    • UNIQUE! Combined nursing and pharmacology authorship ensures clinical accuracy of nearly 900 generic name drugs — encompassing over 4,000 trade name drugs.
    • Detailed information on each drug includes side effects and adverse reactions broken down by frequent, occasional, and rare, with percentages of occurrence.
    • Safe drug administration is promoted by clearly marked high-alert drugs, Tall Man spellings, and an appendix with sound-alike and look-alike drugs.
    • UNIQUE! Monographs of frequently used herbs are included, plus additional herb information in the appendix, with potential herbal interactions indicated within drug entries for quick reference.
    • Information on combined drugs and fixed combinations covers drug dosage options for specific diseases.
    • Lifespan and disorder-related dosage variations focus on the needs of specific populations, such as pediatric, geriatric, hepatic, and immune- or renal-compromised patients.
    • Nursing implications organized in the functional nursing process framework include content on baseline assessment, intervention/evaluation, and patient and family teaching.
    • Comprehensive foldout IV compatibility chart provides compatibility information for 65 intravenous drugs.
    • List of newly approved drugs in the front of the book makes it easy to locate the latest drugs.
    • An Evolve companion website includes customizable and printable monographs for 200 of the most commonly prescribed drugs, techniques of medication administration, and more.
    • New drug monographs are included for 27 new FDA-approved drugs.
    • Updated monographs include new interactions, precautions, alerts, patient teaching instructions, and other need-to-know information.
    • Updated Black Box Alerts highlight drugs with a significant risk of serious or life-threatening adverse effects.
    • Expanded IV content includes IV compatibilities, rates of infusion, reconstitutions, drip rates, test doses, flushing, and incompatibilities.
  • How to Use This Book
    Evolve Page
    IV Compatibility Chart Insert
    List of Newly Approved Drugs
    Drugs by Disorder
    Section I: Drug Classifications
    Section II: A-Z Drugs
    Section III: Appendixes
    Appendix A: Calculation of Doses
    Appendix B: Controlled Drugs (United States)
    Appendix C: Drip Rates for Critical Care Medications
    Appendix D: Drugs of Abuse
    Appendix E: Equianalgesic Dosing
    Appendix F: FDA Pregnancy Categories
    Appendix G: Herbals: Common Natural Medicines
    Appendix H: Lifespan, Cultural Aspects, and Pharmacogenomics of Drug Therapy
    Appendix I: Normal Laboratory Values
    Appendix J: Cytochrome P450 (CYP) Enzymes
    Appendix K: Poison Antidote Chart
    Appendix L: Preventing Medication Errors and Improving Medication Safety
    Appendix M: Recommended Childhood and Adult Immunizations
    Appendix N: Parenteral Fluid Administration
    Appendix O: Spanish Phrases Often Used in Clinical Settings
    Appendix P: Chronic Wound Care
    Comprehensive Index
    Commonly Used Abbreviations
    Dangerous Abbreviation List
  • Barbara B. Hodgson, RN, OCN, Morton Plant Mease Northbay Hospital, Former Staff Nurse, New Port Richey, FL; St. Joseph's Hospital, Former Staff Nurse in the Cancer Institute, Tampa, FL, USA and Robert J. Kizior, BS, RPh, Education Coordinator, Department of Pharmacy, Alexian Brothers Medical Center, Elk Grove Village, IL, USA
Was $42.95
Now $40.80
Or $0.00 with a valid access code