ISBN: 9781455759316
Page Count: 336
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $35.95

Growth and Development Across the Lifespan - Elsevier eBook on Vitalsource, 2nd Edition

by Gloria Leifer, MA, RN, CNE and Eve Fleck
Elsevier eBook on VitalSource
ISBN: 9781455759316
Page Count: 336
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $35.95
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This book provides introductory coverage of growth and development throughout the lifespan. The content emphasizes normal aspects as well as the unique problems and health promotion needs of each age and stage of development. It features a strong health promotion theme structured around Healthy People 2020 objectives.
    • Lifespan coverage from prenatal development to death helps students integrate concepts related to normal changes in each stage of the life cycle.
    • Coverage of current research and trends in health care provide readers with the most up-to-date, accurate information.
    • Health promotion and disease prevention, including Healthy People 2020 objectives, are highlighted throughout the book.
    • Cultural content is highlighted throughout the book and in new Chapter 3: Cultural Considerations in Health Care to encourage students to consider cultural implications at every stage of development.
    • Separate chapter on advanced old age and geriatrics (Chapter 14) discuss the theories, physiological changes, and psychological aspects of aging; health promotion and maintenance; and the role of health care providers in caring for the geriatric patient. All of this helps students understand how to maintain quality of life and promote health in advanced old age.
    • Teaching techniques for every developmental stage are part of a consistent chapter format and provide age-appropriate patient education tips.
    • Consistent chapter organization for each stage of growth and development makes information easy to access.
    • Critical Thinking scenarios and questions appear at the end of each chapter to help students consider all variables when planning care across the lifespan.
    • Student learning features include Objectives, Key Terms, Key Points, and Review Questions.
    • Appendix A includes the FDA's Recommended Child and Adult Immunization Schedules, providing essential health promotion information.
    • NEW Appendix B provides a Multilingual Glossary of Symptoms to enhance students' awareness of culturally sensitive care.
    • Glossary includes definitions of Key Terms and additional terms help students review concepts and terminology at a glance.
    • Bibliography is organized by chapter at the end of the book to facilitate additional research and study.
  • Chapter 1 Healthy People 2020

    Chapter 2 Government Influences on Health Care

    Chapter 3 Cultural Considerations in Health Care

    Chapter 4 The Influence of Family on Developing a Lifestyle

    Chapter 5 Theories of Development

    Chapter 6 Prenatal Influences on Healthy Development

    Chapter 7 The Infant

    Chapter 8 Early Childhood

    Chapter 9 Middle Childhood

    Chapter 10 Adolescence

    Chapter 11 Young Adulthood

    Chapter 12 Middle Adulthood

    Chapter 13 Late Adulthood

    Chapter 14 Advanced Old-Age and Geriatrics

    Chapter 15 Planning for the End of Life

    Chapter 16 Loss, Grief, and Bereavement

    Appendix A Child, Adolescent, and Adult Immunization Schedules

    Appendix B Multilingual Glossary of Symptoms




  • Gloria Leifer, MA, RN, CNE, Professor, Obstetric and Pediatric Nursing, Riverside City College, Riverside, CA and Eve Fleck
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