Rehabilitation Research, 5th Edition

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Rehabilitation Research, 5th Edition


Find out how to use evidence to improve your practice! Thoroughly covering the full range of rehabilitation research with a clear, easy-to-understand approach, Rehabilitation Research: Principles and Applications, 5th Edition will help you analyze and apply research to practice. It examines traditional experimental designs as well as nonexperimental and emerging approaches, including qualitative research, single-subject designs, outcomes research, and survey research. Ideal for students and practitioners in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and communication sciences and disorders, this user-friendly resource emphasizes evidence-based practice and the development of true scientist-practitioners.

    • Evidence-Based Practice chapter provides an overview of the important concepts of EBP and the WHO model of health and disease.
    • Interdisciplinary author team consisting of a PT and an ASHA dually-certified SLP/AUD brings an interdisciplinary focus and a stronger emphasis on evidence-based practice.
    • Discipline-specific examples are drawn from three major fields: physical therapy, occupational therapy, and communication sciences and disorders.
    • Coverage of nonexperimental research includes chapters on clinical case studies and qualitative research, so you understand a wide range of research methods and when it is most appropriate to use each type.
    • Finding Research Literature chapter includes step-by-step descriptions of literature searches within different rehabilitation professions.
      • NEW! Completely updated evidence-based content and references makes the information useful for both students and rehab practitioners.
      • UPDATED! Expanded Single-Subject Designs chapter provides a more thorough explanation and examples of withdrawal, multiple baselines, alternating treatments, and interactions - designs that you can use in everyday clinical practice.
      Section 1: Research Fundamentals
      1. Rehabilitation Research
      2. Theory in Rehabilitation Research
      3. Evidence-Based Practice
      4. Finding Research Literature
      5. Research Ethics
      Section 2: Research Design
      6. Research Paradigms
      7. Variables
      8. Research Validity
      9. Selection and Assignment of Participants
      Section 3: Experimental Designs
      10. Group Designs
      11. Single-Subject Designs
      Section 4: Nonexperimental Research for Rehabilitation
      12. Overview of Nonexperimental Research
      13. Clinical Case Reports
      Section 5: Research Beyond the Everyday
      14. Qualitative Research
      15. Epidemiology
      16. Outcomes Research
      17. Survey Research
      Section 6: Measurement
      18. Measurement Theory
      19. Methodological Research
      Section 7: Data Analysis
      20. Statistical Reasoning
      21. Statistical Analysis of Differences: The Basics
      22. Statistical Analysis of Differences: Advanced
      23. Statistical Analysis of Relationships: The Basics
      24. Statistical Analysis of Relationships: Advanced
      Section 8: Being a Consumer of Research
      25. Evaluating Evidence One Article at a Time
      26. Synthesizing Bodies of Evidence
      Section 9: Implementing Research
      27. Implementing a Research Project
      28. Publishing and Presenting Research
      Russell Carter, EdD, PT, Professor Emeritus, Department of Physical Therapy, Governors State University, University Park, IL and Jay Lubinsky, PhD, CCC-A/SLP, Professor Emeritus, Department of Communication Disorders, Governors State University, University Park, IL


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