Workbook for Laboratory and Diagnostic Testing in Ambulatory Care, 3rd Edition

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Workbook for Laboratory and Diagnostic Testing in Ambulatory Care, 3rd Edition


Reinforce your understanding of laboratory concepts, terminology, and procedures! Corresponding to the chapters in Laboratory and Diagnostic Testing in Ambulatory Care, 3rd Edition, by Marti Garrels, this workbook provides activities and exercises for additional practice with lab testing skills. Skills check-off sheets track your progress as you become competent with laboratory and diagnostic procedures, and are designed to help you meet government standards for good laboratory practice.

    • Chapters are organized into five sections: 1) terminology exercises, 2) review questions for fundamental concepts, 3) procedures, 4) advanced concepts, and 5) check-off procedure sheets for all the procedures presented in the textbook chapter.
    • Review exercises test your knowledge of terminology, with exercises challenging you to match vocabulary terms with their definitions and to identify common acronyms.
    • Skills checklists ask you to read, perform, and check off each step on the sheet to track your progress as you perform the chapter’s lab procedures and analytical tests.
    • A useful appendix includes forms for documenting safety, quality assurance, and CLIA compliance.
      • NEW practice exercises match the text with a focus on new technology and significant advances made in recent years, including the latest CLIA waived test methods.
      • NEW Electrocardiography and Spirometry chapter includes review exercises, questions, and skills checklists for these diagnostic tests.
      1. Introduction to the Laboratory and Safety Training
      2. Regulations, Microscope Setup, and Quality Assurance
      3. Urinalysis
      4. Blood Collection
      5. Hematology
      6. Chemistry
      7. Immunology
      8. Microbiology
      9. Toxicology
      10. Electrocardiography and Spirometry  NEW!
      Appendix: Forms for Documenting Safety, Quality Assurance, and CLIA Compliance
      Marti Garrels, Marti Garrels, MSA, MT(ASCP), CMA (AAMA), Marti Garrels, MSA, MT(ASCP), CMA (AAMA)
      Medical Assisting Program Consultant
      Retired Medical Assisting Program Director
      Lake Washington Institute of Technology
      Kirkland, Washington


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