Audio CDs for Exploring Medical Language, 9th Edition

Audio CDs for Exploring Medical Language, 9th Edition


Ensure you can easily pronounce medical terms and remember definitions with the Audio CDs for Exploring Medical Language, 9th Edition. Perfect for use in conjunction with the vocabulary lists from the LaFleur worktext, this package of four CDs features a consistent pattern — term pronunciation, followed by the term’s definition, and then a second pronunciation,— to help you master over 3,000 medical terms. Whether used in class, at home, or on-the-go, these CDs give you the auditory repetition you need to retain a medical vocabulary long term.

Audio pronunciation of the terms and definitions in the text

Updated with new/changed terms and definitions for the 9th edition

Disk 1 Chapter 2 - Body Structure, Color, and Oncology Chapter 3 - Directional Terms, Planes, Positions Regions, and Quadrants Chapter 4 - Integumentary System Chapter 5 - Respiratory System and Introduction to Diagnostic Procedures and Tests

Disk 2 Chapter 6 - Urinary System Chapter 7 - Male Reproductive System Chapter 8 - Female Reproductive System Chapter 9 - Obstetrics and Neonatology

Disk 3 Chapter 10 - Cardiovascular, Immune, and Lymphatic Systems and Blood Chapter 11 - Digestive System Chapter 12 - Eye

Disk 4 Chapter 13 - Ear Chapter 14 - Musculoskeletal System Chapter 15 - Nervous System and Behavioral Health Chapter 16 - Endocrine System

Myrna LaFleur Brooks, RN, BEd, Founding President of the National Association of Health Unit Clerks/Coordinators, Faculty Emeritus, Maricopa County Community College District, Phoenix, AZ and Danielle LaFleur Brooks, MEd, MA, Faculty, Medical Assisting and Allied Health and Science
Community College of Vermont
Montpelier, Vermont


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