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cover image - Morrison-Valfre’s Foundations of Mental Health Care in Canada, 1e
ISBN: 9781771722339
Page Count: 480
Imprint: Elsevier
List Price: $60.99

Morrison-Valfre’s Foundations of Mental Health Care in Canada, 1e

by Boris Bard, RN, MSc, ACMHN, Eric MacMullin, RN, MSN and Jacqueline Williamson, RN, BScN, MEd, PhD


cover image - Morrison-Valfre’s Foundations of Mental Health Care in Canada, 1e
ISBN: 9781771722339
Page Count: 480
Imprint: Elsevier
List Price: $60.99
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Build a broad fundamental knowledge of Canadian mental health concepts and disorders! Morrison-Valfre’s Foundations of Mental Health Care in Canada uses an easy-to-read, multidisciplinary approach to describe current therapeutic interventions and treatments for mental health conditions. Ideal for nurses and other caregivers, this guide provides concise coverage of skills and principles, therapeutic skills, mental health problems throughout the lifecycle, and common psychological and psychosocial conditions. Included are topics such as new research, the latest mental health legislation, and new psychotropic drugs. Adapted for a Canadian audience by Boris Bard, Eric MacMullin, and Jacqueline Williamson, this resource enables you to provide effective therapy to clients with a wide range of maladaptive behaviours.

    • Coverage of psychotropic medications emphasizes the latest in safe pharmaceutical treatment in mental health care.
    • Coverage of internet usage features emerging mental health issues surrounding use of the internet, highlighting related addictions and violence.
    • Updated DSM-5 diagnoses include the latest information on new mental health diagnoses recognized by the American Psychiatric Association.
    • Sample client care plans show how members of the health care team work collaboratively to meet client needs.
    • Case studies use realistic client situations to strengthen critical thinking and ensure that students consider psychosocial aspects of therapeutic care.
    • Critical Thinking boxes include practice scenarios with client issues as well as questions that stimulate more careful analysis.
    • Cultural Consideration boxes highlight cultural issues and address the varied mental health needs of culturally diverse clients.
    • Medication Alert boxes identify the risks and possible adverse reactions of psychotherapeutic medications.
    • Chapter objectives focus on the most important concepts.
    • Key terms include phonetic pronunciations and text page references, and are listed in a comprehensive glossary, making it easier for students to understand and use mental health terminology.
    • NEW! Comprehensive coverage includes Canadian statistics, research, references and resources, guidelines, assessment and screening tools, therapies, drugs, terminology, and more.
    • NEW! Canadian cultural considerations are included when content relates to race/ethnicity, Indigenous people, and the LGBTQ2 community.
    • NEW! Coverage of trending topics includes medical assistance in dying (MAID), the opioid crisis, legalization of cannabis (Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act), vaping, harm reduction, violence against women, and more.
    • NEW! Balanced coverage of mental health care addresses a variety of workplace settings.
    • NEW! Critical Thinking Questions are included at the end of each chapter, allowing students to apply concepts to practice.
    1. The History of Mental Health Care
    2. Current Mental Health Care Systems
    3. Ethical and Legal Issues
    4. Sociocultural Issues
    5. Theories and Therapies
    6. Complementary and Alternative Therapies
    7. Psychotherapeutic Medication Therapy
    8. Principles and Skills of Mental Health Care
    9. Mental Health Assessment Skills
    10. Therapeutic Communication
    11. The Therapeutic Relationship
    12. The Therapeutic Environment
    13. Challenges of Childhood
    14. Challenges of Adolescence
    15. Challenges of Adulthood
    16. Challenges of Late Adulthood
    17. Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Dementia
    18. Managing Anxiety
    19. Illness and Hospitalization
    20. Loss and Grief
    21. Depression and Other Mood Disorders
    22. Physical Problems, Psychological Sources
    23. Eating and Sleeping Disorders
    24. Dissociative Disorders
    25. Anger and Aggression
    26. Outward-Focused Emotions: Violence
    27. Inward-Focused Emotions: Suicide
    28. Substance-Related Disorders and Addictive Disorders
    29. Sexual Disorders
    30. Personality Disorders
    31. Brain Function, Schizophrenia, and Other Psychoses
    32. Chronic Mental Health Disorders
    33. Challenges for the Future
    A: Mental Status Assessment at a Glance
    B: A Simple Assessment of Tardive Dyskinesia Symptoms
    C: Canadian Standards for Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing
  • Boris Bard, RN, MSc, ACMHN, Manager, Neurology Services, University Health Network, Toronto, Ontario, Eric MacMullin, RN, MSN, Professor, Bridging to University Nursing Program, School of Community and Health Studies, Centennial College, Toronto, Ontario and Jacqueline Williamson, RN, BScN, MEd, PhD, Professor, Practical Nursing
    School of Health and Community Services
    Durham College
    Oshawa, Ontario
Was $60.99
Now $57.94
Free Shipping!
Not Yet Available
Coming Soon!
Expected availability date: 03-04-2021