Webinars for eLearning and Active Learning

Whether it’s active learning, flipping the classroom, or educational technology, these are the issues that have educators talking. Learn more about these hot topics here.

Success with Sherpath Implementation

Elsevier eSolutions Implementation Consultant Megan Ubben shares her experiences with aiding in the successful implementation of Sherpath at schools across the country. Find out how leveraging the power of Sherpath's technology in the classroom can drive successful course outcomes.

Webinar by: Megan Ubben, MSN-Ed, RN

See How Sherpath Can Impact Your Program

Learn how Sherpath can impact your MA program:

  • Saves you time and helps improve student outcomes with powerful data and analytics
  • Drives student success by using adaptive techniques to deliver real-time personalization
  • Shows you where each student stands on the path to graduation to help boost student retention and effectively maintain accreditation

Webinar by: Julie Pepper, CMA (AAMA)

Academic Dishonesty, Cheating and Plagiarism: What Can Faculty Do?

Learn about the increased incidences of cheating and plagiarism and their effects on nursing education. Best practices to reduce academic dishonesty will be discussed.

Webinar by: Cheryl M. Smith, EdD, MSN, RN, FNP and Kim Brunnert, PhD

Electronic Health Records: Bringing Active Learning to the Classroom

Learn how to engage learners through integrating an electronic health record in the classroom. Incorporating an Electronic Health Record into your curriculum provides students with a tool to help them synthesize what they’ve learned by creating a real world documentation experience. Your program will benefit from a centralized tracking tool and your students will appreciate the experience and confidence that will further prepare them for the nursing profession.

Webinar by: Tim Bristol, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF

Battling Spring Fever with Social Media and Web 2.0

As spring arrives so does the need for creative strategies. Many faculty have found that Web 2.0 captivates and invigorates students. During this webinar, Dr. Bristol will explore the use of these tools; and, how you can integrate them into your curriculum to bring your students’ attention back to class. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn how Web 2.0 helps students mentally remain on task as their minds dream of the semester’s end.

Webinar by: Tim Bristol, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF

Use Technology to Enhance Student-Centered Environments - A Strategy for Multiple Learning Style

Integrating technology and web-based learning into the classroom and clinical settings helps create a student-centered learning atmosphere. During this webinar, Maria Lauer reviewed the importance of identifying learning needs and interventions for various learning styles. The focus was on technology that assists students with various learning needs to create a universal design. As a Health Sciences Educator, you will gain insight into emerging technologies, such as interactive textbooks; simulations; point-of-care decision-making tools; smart pens; and voice-to-text technology. You will also learn how to implement different types of technology in the classroom, clinical and online learning environment .

Webinar by: Maria Lauer, PhD(c), MSN, RN, APN-C, CN

Hybrid and Blended eLearning

Use a combination of online tools and face-to-face experiences to provide high quality experiences for students! The most popular way to infuse e-learning into health science education is through Hybrid and Blended models. During this webinar, Dr. Tim Bristol focuses on time saving strategies that will help you create flexible and rich learning environments for your students. An emphasis will be placed on tools and instructional designs needed to extend what happens in the classroom and to manage online interactions.

Webinar by: Tim Bristol, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF

Active Learning Techniques

Get your students to think critically using active learning. While the amount of knowledge needed to work effectively in today's health care environment is massive, it is even more essential for students to be able to apply this knowledge and think critically. Utilizing active learning techniques in the classroom is one way to assist students in the development this skill. This recorded webinar will discuss how to utilize case studies, audience response systems, and other participative strategies in the classroom.

Webinar by: Virginia J. Hallenbeck, MS, RN, ACNS-BC