Elsevier Makes A&P as Easy as 1 • 2 • 3

With Elsevier's simple A&P solution, just a few products are all you need to run an effective course.

As an A&P instructor, you are already tasked with having to cover an infinite amount of material in just one or two semesters. And your students… they have the difficult challenge of mastering it all in that same short amount of time. The last thing either party wants is the added hassle of sifting through nearly a dozen books and resources to find the help they need.

At Elsevier, we make A&P easy. With our simple A&P curriculum, you can run a successful course with just a few products: great content (via an Elsevier A&P text) and an easy way for students to truly master that content (Elsevier's Adaptive Learning Technology), plus unique solution resources (like an A&P survival guide) to round out your program.

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