Kim Brunnert

Kim Brunnert


Dr. Kim Brunnert is the Director of Psychometrics for HESI Review and Testing at Elsevier. She produces reports, analyzes data, runs research, and investigates innovative ideas to preserve the integrity of HESI secure assessments and the resulting data and reports. In addition to her work in psychometrics and research, Dr. Brunnert also promotes academic integrity, proctoring, and test security best practices.

For more than 20 years, Dr. Brunnert has worked extensively in psychometrics, research, and test development both nationally and internationally. She led a randomized control trial research study funded by the Department of Education’s Institute of Educational Services. Her experience also includes directing and contributing to many assessment types — from intelligence tests to speech and language assessments for children to young adults.

Dr. Brunnert is a Certified Exam Security Expert (CESP) and has been a member of the Executive Committee for the Conference on Test Security since 2012. Dr. Brunnert is a member of the International Association for Computerized Testing and has been an active participant and presenter at conferences where psychometrics or security were the primary topics, delivering over a dozen presentations in the last few years. Dr. Brunnert has shared her expertise by writing and editing books, book chapters, research reports, journal articles, best practice documents, and white papers.

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