Lisa Draper



“I have been a nurse educator for over 30 years.  Nothing is more satisfying than seeing former students thrive as nurses.”


Lisa Draper is a HESI Compass Coach.  She has 27 years of teaching experience in an ADN program, with six years experience in a dual role as program chair and teaching faculty.  Additionally, she has nearly 30 years of experience as a PRN staff nurse at a local home health agency.

Lisa received her master’s degree in nursing from Ohio State University; she is proud of her career as a nurse educator since 1992.  Her experience includes teaching courses in the classroom, clinical, online, and simulation settings in virtually all subjects in the nursing curriculum.

Lisa has a motivational and enthusiastic teaching style to foster and stimulate a positive learning environment.  Her personal philosophy includes striving for excellence in all undertakings, but also enjoying the process and the journey.  Additionally, she firmly believes in providing the best possible care to all those in need.  She is excited to serve as a HESI Compass Coach, and she looks forward to contributing to nursing student success.