Clinical Skills: Skills for Nursing

1,200+ skills, 10 disciplines, 1 consistent format

comprehensive and consistent coverage of every nursing skill

The Quick Sheet provides a concise, step-by-step summary of the most critical aspects of a skill.

The Extended Text provides in-depth and detailed coverage of all aspects of the skill: including alerts, delegation opportunities, expected and unexpected outcomes, documentation, special considerations, and much more.
A skill's Supplies section visually familiarizes students with the equipment needed to perform the skill.
The Demos section houses high-definition videos and 3D animations that demonstrate how to perform every step involved in the skill.
The Illustrations section contains detailed diagrams and pictures to supplement skill instruction.
Competency Tests include rationales to help students review and evaluate comprehension; assess students' understanding of the skill; and feed students' test results back to gradebook.
Printable Checklists enable students and faculty to evaluate the observable competencies involved in each skill.