Remote Teaching Resource Center for Nursing & Healthcare Education

Information and support for teaching remotely during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and beyond.

Our Commitment to You

As the world rallies together to combat the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are keeping a close eye on all the latest developments so we can effectively partner with you during this challenging time. We know you are having to make difficult decisions to protect faculty and students, and we want to help you with your efforts to minimize disruption to your courses. We can support a wide range of your virtual classroom needs, including:

  • Distance learning for students to build knowledge, take formative quizzes, and develop clinical judgment remotely.
  • Lab and clinical replacement for students to experience real-world, hands¬¨-on clinical exposure to charting, lab scenarios, skills, and virtual patient experiences using our remote, case-based simulation products.
  • Remote proctoring of secure HESI exams through our remote proctor partners.

This website will be updated on a regular basis to bring you all the latest information and resources to assist you with delivering courses virtually. Please reach out to your Elsevier Education Solutions Consultant to discuss tools and resources to help you adapt and achieve your curriculum goals.

Your wellbeing in the days and weeks to come is our top priority. By working together, we can support the needs of faculty and students as this pandemic evolves.