Custom Curriculum Solutions

Elsevier Custom Solutions can work with you to create and implement the highest-quality health science curriculums that are perfectly aligned with your program goals. A custom curriculum gives you greater control over student success, and Elsevier’s trusted instructional designers and subject matter experts provide versatile, collaborative guidance to ensure that your desired educational outcomes are met. 

Curriculum Development

Whether you need to create a program from scratch or revamp an existing program, Elsevier has the resources and expertise needed to deliver academically rigorous content plans, curriculum maps, and complete educational solutions.

Compliance and Certification

We can assist with mapping course objectives, outcomes, and curricular materials to state, regional, and national accreditation standards to ensure program success.


Maintain consistency across campuses, programs, and curricula with lesson plans and syllabi built to your specifications for traditional, online, and hybrid courses.

Curriculum Resources

Elsevier can provide the instructional resources and tools needed to make implementing your custom curriculum as easy and seamless as possible. Some of the curricular resources you can expect include:

  • TEACH lesson plans
  • Course descriptions
  • Syllabi
  • Course calendars
  • Lecture slides
  • Handouts
  • Assessments
  • Skills checklists
  • Program overviews
  • Standards mapping spreadsheets
  • And more!