Custom Technology

Create a more engaging classroom environment with custom digital tools, online media, and world-class educational technology.

Elsevier Custom Solutions can fashion tailor-made technology solutions that correlate to your syllabus and program goals. 

Online Courses

Custom online courses from Elsevier feature ready-to-teach modules that are designed to fit seamlessly into your program. Choose your content from a wide variety of health science disciplines or collaborate with an instructional designer to maximize the effectiveness of your online learning materials.

Learning Management System Integration

Integrate student and educator resources into Evolve, Blackboard, or other proprietary learning management systems based on your program calendar or content needs. Let Elsevier Custom Solutions combine digital resources, organize folders, or create new activities to increase instructional efficiency.

Watch video.

Media Resources

Regardless of whether you’d like to incorporate audio, video, animations, online activities, or some other type of media element into your course, Elsevier has a vast collection of relevant health science resources available to help invigorate your students’ learning experience.