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As students progress through your program, they are building a core knowledge base and developing clinical reasoning skills. At this very important stage in their education, HESI practice products allow you to assess whether or not students are truly understanding key concepts and if they are able to apply what they are learning.

HESI Dental Hygiene Practice Test 

This pre-built, non-proctored test will help you to assess knowledge and concepts learned while also introducing students to standardized testing with licensure examination-style practice questions written at the application level.

HESI Dental Hygiene Case-Based Practice Test

These true to life Dental Hygiene cases, complete with graphs and images, provide students the opportunity to view cases and answer corresponding questions, similar to what they will need to perform on the NBDHE. This is the optimal preparation for students to prepare and gain confidence in executing clinical cases and succeed on their national exam.

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Assess student progress throughout your program and evaluate their readiness for the NBDHE exam with valid and reliable HESI exams.

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