Elsevier Adaptive Quizzing (EAQ)

This highly effective, formative evaluation tool strengthens students' knowledge and confidence with high-quality practice questions. Through personalized quizzing, students and instructors can identify weak topic areas and develop simple strategies to improve their results.

Elsevier Adaptive Quizzing


Elsevier Adaptive Quizzing (EAQ) integrates seamlessly into your course to help students of all skill levels focus their study time and effectively prepare for summative exams and, ultimately, their licensure exam.

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EAQ Elements

  • Class Preparation

    Quizzes taken before class help ensure students arrive with a basic understanding of the topic to be discussed so they can fully participate in meaningful active learning exercises in the classroom.

  • High-Quality Questions

    Precisely written and tagged by subject matter experts with robust rationales, multimodal remediation, and test-taking tips and strategies that help solidify and contextualize student understanding.

  • Performance Insights

    Powerful reporting capabilities provide invaluable data and insights on both individual student progress and overall class performance.

  • Gradable Assignments

    Create relevant and customized quiz assignments on a wide variety of topics to facilitate student knowledge application with high-quality practice questions.

  • Student Self-Quizzing

    Your students can easily quiz themselves outside of assignments to gain exposure to additional topics, deepen their understanding of key concepts, and remediate on areas of weakness.

  • Remediation

    Detailed reports allow you to monitor student activity and progress to identify struggling students and remediate where necessary.

NGN Preparation Starts Today with Sherpath

Early and frequent practice with Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) item types is critical to ensuring students are confident and comfortable sitting for the exam.  When you utilize Sherpath, you’ll gain access to new cases and items for NGN delivered through formative quizzing assignments in EAQ.

Learn more about the Sherpath collections that include these items and jump-start your students’ NGN preparedness today!

Discover Sherpath with NGN

As your trusted partner in preparing students for NCLEX success, Elsevier wants to help you stay up to date with the latest developments related to the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN).

Sherpath Vantage

Sherpath Vantage

Help students master key concepts and strengthen their nursing competency and clinical judgment, all on a single platform with Sherpath Vantage.

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Help students study more effectively with EAQ.

Ideal for use throughout the curriculum, EAQ prepares students for everything from midterms to HESI® summative exams, to licensure and certification exams. This mode of adaptive testing is the ideal formative quizzing solution to help students succeed in an individualized, interactive way.

“There’s a need for our students to have a greater level of critical thinking and clinical judgment...”

Connors State Nursing Program Uses EAQ to Sharpen Students’ Clinical Judgment Skills

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High-quality questions and rationales allow students to practice applying their knowledge and facilitate critical thinking in a formative way, all while helping them prepare and remediate with exam-specific content.


Written to specific Elsevier titles, EAQ offers assignable and gradable quizzes that hold students accountable to ensure they are able to apply core principles and are prepared for classroom discussion, tests, and, ultimately, their licensure/certification exams.

Health Professions

Self-quizzing allows students to practice answering licensure/certification exam-style questions on their own to prepare, review, and remediate ahead of an upcoming exam.

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How to Use NGN Content in Sherpath with EAQ

Recent survey data shows students and faculty feel that Sherpath supports exam preparation. When it comes to NGN, Sherpath includes NGN item types through Elsevier Adaptive Quizzing (EAQ) at fidelity to what students will see on the new exam format.

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